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  2. perfeito aqui moto x 2014!
  3. Last week I made on my alt account one smashdown battle and I loose. This was ok, until I checked my win ratio (today) in my alliance, I have always 100% and this battle put me to 99% (128/129). Smashdown battles should be for fun (no win no loose), or not ??? I'm not complaining, forget it. Next I will know
  4. Welcome to active and serious players, all wonders completed, join now
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  6. This will give you a loss in your records though and for some of us that is not a good solution. I think a Skip button is a much better option.
  7. So you have a choice of opting out the Smashdown by spawning a single unit and hitting the white flag right away, there is no penalty for early withdrawal here, and once you do that it goes away until next week, problem solved. BTW as an Advanced player you don't really need resources, but there is a whole range of players in this game who do, some of them are so new that they don't know about sniping.
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  9. 4 Silver chests and 1 gold chest rss only
  10. I second, or third, fourth, etc.that motion, as I've been banging on that same drum for a while now. Actually they do, I got good guys in my crews and anytime they hear me say anything that strikes them like I'm either talking about quitting, or turning over the throne to some one else, I get a big "NO!!! DON"T!!!" from them. That's something
  11. No, it is a good idea that suffers from a glitch, because it penalises those with commitments outside of gameplay who would log on just to do relief or collect resources. It would be an almost trivial matter to make Combat Hour start from your first battle after the allotted time, instead of from log-on. Then it would be a good idea with a good implementation.
  12. Not strictly right. 1000 years ago Gaelic was the language of the highlands (there may have been more languages then). Scots is essentially descended from Northumbrian Old English, which had been established in what is now southeastern Scotland as far as the River Forth by the seventh century, as the region was part of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Northumbria.
  13. Don't you hate it when you think you see a hole in the corner of a guys turtle, so you start the attack and realize that you completely didn't see the crossbow tower that was in that corner, and you already launched most of your troops, and now you know that they are the totally wrong kind of troops for taking on a turtle, and instead of getting that badly needed second star that would have given you the advantage in crowns even if the other dude revenged you are now f****d, and the Reserve Force boost that you brought does nothing to improve the situation because the troops you brought to this attack were the wrong kind, and when the attack is over you look at the dude's logs and find out that he revenges every attack on him, and you get that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach because you know you are doomed, and then the dude revenges and takes soooo many more crowns and resources that you got form him, and now you are Royally F****D!
  14. It could be that, but I'm not entirely sure. I can't speak for anyone other than myself, but I enjoy scraping away every unnecessary ounce of criticism until we arrive at the leanest requested change possible. Though this forum by no means directs the Developers, we have had some measurable impact on a number of patches. The better we can hone our collective criticism, the more likely we are to reach the Developers. So, for instance, while your buddies aren't wrong in raising this concern about the timing of Combat Hour, over here at the forum hivemind, we instinctively look at any concern in the context of where it fits in with all the other unaddressed concerns we've raised. To a certain extent, we are all vying for the Developers' attention, and it's a zero sum game. We don't want smaller issues to distract from larger ones. At any rate, I hope your buddies know you are doing them well representing them!
  15. The thinking is to get those who are unskilled in battle battling again. Certainly they are not fun for anyone with any battle skills at all. Remember the purpose of a battle game is to have battles. Resources, keys, upgrades, crowns, are all subsidiary window dressing to that fundamental Yes, it should be a choice. If you next you should not get another smashdown, although you can get out of them by whiteflagging without using troops.
  16. Come join our Alliance AfricanShield we are now recruiting anybody can join at any Age.
  17. I don't think the implementation was terrible, just the opposite, I think it was a good intro to a new feature to get everybody salivating. But it could stand a small improvement in some future date, at the convenience of the Almighty Devs. And, at the moment, so early after a launch of an overall very successful patch it should be low priority. A year from now, when the whole thing has had time to be tested by the law of large numbers, who knows? It's just that I heard some grumbling from my guys, went on this thread to see what, if anything is being done about it (so that I could tell my guys), reported the jist of the grumbling in a post, got into some interesting repartee, stuck to my guns (for my guys), followed this thread through several derailments, attempted to re-rail (at times successfully), and here I am now, going to the thread that's offering hugs, 'cause I'm exhausted, but I had fun and hope you did too. PS: I think there's been so much whining and complaining, as well as trolling, on this forum that the moment someone says something about improving some feature everybody jumps on it like it's more of the whining and complaining, oh yea and trolling. It might be a problem of not seeing the forest for the trees
  18. I've installed XAPK file on my phone, but when I enter game, a message pops up saying that game requires OpenGL ES3.0 to run. I use Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 with 1.5GB RAM and 1.5GHy Quad Core processor with android 5.1.1. Help? Also, my phone has OpenGL ES2.0. @Siege Wizard
  19. My alliance team members and me agree smashdown battles are a waste of our time and impossible to get rid of. We are advanced players, we can snip rss if we want to any time but with the smashdown battles there is no choice, we have to play it to get rid of it. I propose you leave it as a feature for less advanced players but for the advanced players PLEASE make it a choice to play it whenever we feel like smashing a castle like cooked potato! Or increase the resources amount to make it more appealing! I wouldn't call a 80/80/24 rss in offer castle a loaded castle, it's a laughable amount of rss. LOADED for me is 120/120/64, thank you very much. Smashdown battles are not worth the waiting time to train more troops for a real battle! Make it a choice. ~Dzi
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  21. Danke, für Deine klärende Antwort! Also weiter stur wie ein deutscher Panzer seinen Weg gehen und sich durchbeißen. Sprich, was an Power fehlt durch Aktivität wettmachen.
  22. Ah, that's how they did it, they tied it up with Xbox Live! So we're all in the same pool indeed! And we're all playing the same version of the game too. Thanks for the info! This makes me very happy
  23. I guess we are disagreeing on the amount of resources Combat Hour gives and how much of an impact that would have on a player's ability to upgrade and donate. But even if we assume for a moment Combat Hour could provide a massive amount of resources, because its two-hour timer starts only once we log in, it is fairly easy to plan for. All in all, I see Combat Hour as a providing a small increase in resources that occurs in a very predictable way. So I don't agree that Combat Hour is some kind of good idea that suffers from terrible implementation. On the list of things in the game the Devs should devote their scarce time in addressing, this problem seems quite low.
  24. Hi, I have downloaded the game on my Sony Xperia X from APKPure, and I have tried doing 2 battles, in both of them the game crashed within a few seconds after I have started the battle against a castle. Also, on my Xperia X, there is sound distortion (Sound crackling) in all the audio of the game (Music, sound effects, etc....) Android 7.0 Nougat. Best regards
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