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  2. I hope you guys put in the chat why you donated bad units... And tell the players there what a dumbass their emperor is!!! The players who join those alliances are also victims...
  3. Are you perhaps a lord in that alliance? If you are, kick everyone out of the alliance and THEN leave
  4. 2.600!
  5. Hi gang.........Check out Midwest's profile.......his about me page. It explains a lot lol
  6. LOL........battle from with in eh?
  7. Vote with your feet. If someone stay loyal to an emperor who plays like that, it's very hard not to have that unsportsmanlike poison leak onto them. Seriously, find any other alliance. And announce on chat what you are doing and why. Then leave. And bring as many people as you can. Or join the resistance and become a plague on those filthy scoundrels donating awful troops.
  8. 1. Improve alliance search by allowing to find an alliance with only 3-4 letters you type. 2. Give all alliances random generated names, like when you start the game. Then every emperor can choose a new unique name for his alliance . There will be some stress of course, because I am sure that there will be fast enough emperors that will choose the name President's men . But it will soon passed on , when the original PM being visible in the leaderboard.
  9. While I agree SOMETHING has to be done to stop would they decide who is the only alliance to carry a countries name? Maybe the rest would have to add a number or some other word to differentiate between the rest? There have been many suggestions......I just want them to do something period to stop it sooner than later.
  10. I was wondering why there aren't unique names for the alliances. It will solve a lot of problems, not only the AOTD issue. I tried to provoke you, like changing my forum profile name to Empress_Phasma, and like this to make you to take some action about alliance's names, but unfortunately I couldn't. ....... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ..... Well, my question is: Why it is not the same in the game ? @Empress_Phasma
  11. No need to post the same request over and over hourly (4 posts in a row?) While I do understand your frustration, this is spamming lol......either do as she suggests or PM her please? By the way........WELCOME to the forum & Congrats on the league win!
  12. Today
  13. Congrats on the win..........and WELCOME to the forum........I hope it gets resolved for you.
  14. It would be awesome if we get the option for Alliance Wars and Friendly Challenges.
  15. I happen to know the OP is a kid......who is pretty good at this game and recently found the forum.......I have been in an alliance with him........if I WISH to reply to I need your permission first? As for what I observed posted didn't give him ANY helpful or correct information....... Did someone mess in your cornflakes this morning or something..........why so rude?
  16. Find a better alliance.......after you report them via xbox ...........they are taking what others make an effort to work for. I am curious........if they keep stealing the new recruits that are TRYING to get to the real AOTD -- why would they not be full....and desist?
  17. If this is being discussed somewhere already I apologize. I've come directly from the link via Windows 10 mobile AOE:CS. I'm going to keep this short & sweet I won't name the alliance I am in currently but I have a major problem. Our alliance has a tendency to make its name the same as the nominated "Alliance Of The Day". We have been issued several warnings via GM message in chat but the Alliance leader chooses to ignore it. So is there anything that can be done? I think our alliance leader needs to be taught a lesson since in game GM's have repeatedly told him/her to stop. Cruel yes, but when others in the alliance ask the "Emperor" to stop it and nothing happens, I think extreme measures are necessary.
  18. No point in debating this with you to start with...... I could explain to you how incredibly simple my few second argument is..... I could explain to you how to properly motivate and manage people......... I could further try and educate you cause there is a clear gap...... But, why go through all the trouble, I'd just be stating the obvious like for instance........the extreme majority vote is for it, but obviously everyone but you has to be disillusioned lol 'coz obviously EVERYONE but YOU got it wrong.... Honestly! I love a good debate, but you have to make some semblance of sense to be able to debate a subject and obviously your theory that out of everyone who voted for and you against you MUST be right and how could i begin to debate that lmfao Have a nice life KING whatever.......i've made my point, i've been as clear as possible, i've gotten bored talking to you. Bye
  19. Well now you are going to learn another trick. If you forget to renew, or as you said, the trade envoy ends just before you collect, just renew it before collecting and voilà, you now get the extra gold. I have done this a few time, I forget to renew in the evening and in the morning I see the 12 gold bubble, I renew it and I guess depending on how it calculates the gold earnings, the bubble will instantly change to anywhere from 18 to the regular 24.
  20. Sometimes the gold comes right away, other times it may take a few hours, the most I have had to wait is around 6 hours (personal leauge gold not alliance), but if you posted this thread two hours ago, that is like 20 hours after the league ended, a tad too long IMHO. I would send empress a PM letting her know the situation, not sure your location, but she is in Vancouver, so PST, and remember, she does not work weekends therefore, don't expect her to get back to you until mid Monday (her time) at the earliest.
  21. Ok, I just did because it doesn't hurt, but I definitely see your point sorry
  22. shut up boyz. be cool like dew in mountain. hehehe
  23. Sigh... Look, it's okay if you're not of the same meaning. I don't believe I'm totally right either, simply because I can only speculate basing myself on what I've seen. Maybe everyone will be nice and understanding and only delete foot troops. Not likely, but who knows? I classify that as optimism and wishful thinking, but sure, think what you want. However, here you're only trying to look smart by making me look dumb. You have only stated the obvious, and so said absolutely nothing. And that shows me that either you're a really bad reader and don't understand what I'm on about, or you're just trying to say that you're a really great emperor and so your alliance will be okay, which means the rest can just rot away, and the fault is of the "emperors without balls" who are generous enough to try and do something about their "parasitism", even if they know it might be futile. As for your "couple of seconds a day", I don't know how you came to that answer, but no. If you have no idea who deleted what, how are you supposed to check it? Here Mali's solution would come in handy, of course, but without it you can at most hope to remember you filled Player A a couple of minutes ago, see his missing reliefs, watch his defense log, and then decide if he has deleted them or not. To make it simpler, a little example: Player A deletes 4 troops he didn't like, with a 5 hour PT left. For some kind of coincidence you see he's missing reliefs, but instead of donating the missing spaces, you decide to distrust (because otherwise you wouldn't check on him) and check whether he has deleted his troops or not. However, on the notification tab the last relief group donated shows "7 hours ago". So how do you know if he deleted them or just never got filled? You can't. And so you spent a couple of minutes on Player A for nothing, and ended up donating extra troops anyway that really wouldn't 've been necessary on that guy and could've really helped someone else. This is not about being right or wrong or having the last word, and has nothing to do with an emperor "managing their alliance properly or motivating their team properly", that's just switching responsibility to someone who has no power to do anything about it but kicking. And again, even if you're alliance is doing so incredibly well, hats off to you, great job, pat on the back, but don't put all in the same bag, because there are not as many dream alliances as you might think. I'm just stating my opinion here based on arguments (whether you find them valid or not is another question): it's just not worth it for those couple of foot troops (in my alliance we had and have problems with that, but still the times I got foot troops in my WS... I can count them with one hand) you'll get in your WS in a year to put in question your trust amongst each other. On the other hand, if you just completely ignore that they're deleting their troops and fill them, the times the donors will have to make reliefs will get much higher for nothing. And so the times that they have too many reliefs and have to delete them to go on battle. Anyway, I said what I had to. I hope with this you finally got my point, because I don't know how to put it simpler. Have a nice day.
  24. So wir sind jetzt das Team Klapperschlange da deutsch sprechende bevorzugt sind habe wir uns umbenannt und sind mit der Zeit 35 Kämpfer. Vielleicht schaffe wir demnächst ein zweites Wunder zu vollenden. Hoffe das wir immer mehr werden und dann langsam nur noch deutschsprachige im Bündnis sein werden. Auf guten Erfolge hoffend euer Tschetan.
  25. The time it lasts does not increase, just the number of uses he gets. The ability lasts for 30 seconds
  26. " Unable to authorize connection to the server " FIX: Run: services start XBox Live services
  27. Unable to authorize connection to the server SOLUTION open Services (Run: services ) enable and start all your Xbox Live services (or at least Auth Manager and Networking service) and it works cheers
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