Hey all, since the beta is over now we have closed down the beta specific forums. Don't freak out if you can't see it, it's not a glitch:)

Hey all!

We've just implemented a new version of our old forum ranks!

The new "Idle Villager" rank has some slightly limited abilities here in the forums, and they cannot post discussions or do things like post links or set a signature on their posts. When you have commented 3 times you'll reach the rank of "Scout Cavalry" and gain all the usual posting abilities! This is to help combat spam, and should not affect most of you, as you have likely already posted more than 5 times and have a higher rank:)

Check out the list of ranks here: https://forums.ageofempires.com/discussion/15139/forum-rank-system/p1?new=1

Age of Mythology: Illuminaze Vs. Kimo Bo5 | $50 Show Match www.youtube.com/pkclannet LIVE

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Age of Mythology: Illuminaze Vs. Kimo Bo5 | $50 Show Match LIVE


  • Top 2 Age of Mythology players duke it out in a best of 5, the stream starts in 20mins!


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    an active AoM channel? I've been looking for one for absolutely ages!

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