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Age of Empires 2 for Android,iOS and Windows Phone

WarmedVolcano13WarmedVolcano13 Member ✭Idle Villager✭

maybe it's a pretty good idea to launch Age of Empires 2 on Android IOS and Windows Phone, because it's nice and Castle Sige but I think that's how you will increase the number of players and appreciations

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  • SombreBowl1229SombreBowl1229 Member, Insider ✭Idle Villager✭

    Yes, it could share a lot to new players

  • KingDarBojaKingDarBoja ColombiaMember, Insider ✭Crossbowman✭

    I don't think it will work because of the click events that any AOE game (not included Castle Siege) requires a lot of speed, also the map rendering, display resolution, connection speed and much more stuff which would make the game harder or unpleasant to play on a Phone or Tablet.

  • AugustusmanAugustusman Member, Insider ✭Knight✭

    Please not include Android. Google don't want share their apps with is fair don't give them.

  • AnThRaXx0031AnThRaXx0031 Member, Insider ✭Idle Villager✭
    Please bring aoe to iOS :’(
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