Age of Empires Online, forgotten by Microsoft?

Microsoft, you don't ever seem to mention/care about this game anymore, why?

FYI AoEO is not dead ( Project Celeste )


  • AntagonistAntagonist Member, Insider ✭✭

    Because overall it was a failure to them, it's not worth drawing attention to it. Saying that, the game when it shut down was excellent and I'm currently playing the Greeks at level 30 on Celeste, they've done a fantastic job on it I have to say, especially now that they've started adding in their own quests and content!

  • MajorPectoralisMajorPectoralis Member, Insider ✭✭

    Woah, did fans really create their own servers?

  • AugustusmanAugustusman Member ✭✭✭

    Better than DE.

  • PCS70PCS70 NLMember, Insider ✭✭
    edited October 12

    Remarkable fact, they even didn't mention anything about it in the released promo video about the history of AOE. Let's hope Windows 10 and their Windows Store doesn't end up the same. Windows Phone, for which they created the store in the first place, already down the drain.

    Get those marketeers some real brains please!

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