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Fix German Command Option

DukemonDukemon GEMember ✭Scout Cavalry✭
edited October 2017 in General Discussion

Some time ago I have add a mod that change ingame font into LucidaBlackletter as in the CD version it is the case into my game. Now I want to use the mod to fix a German wrong Command/Taunt. Command 5 is the line to ask someone for Gold. In the chat window is it shown as 'Ein bisschen Holz, bitte.'/'A little bit of Wood, please', this means 4 AND 5 have the same text, this could be confusing when someone want to ask for Gold. The CD Version had not this issue.
In the 'key-value-strings-utf8.txt' file, same to use LucidaBlackletter, I have found both needed Lines and changed Wood into Gold, but the game still use 'A little bit Wood, please' instead of 'A little bit Gold, please'
Any help?

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