December 2017 Submission Thread

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Please post your entries below. The full blog post with entry requirements and a link to the Official Rules can be found here.

Good luck everyone!


  • CostlierParrot3CostlierParrot3 Member, Insider ✭✭✭

    Christmas holidays? it would be nice to celebrate Christmas with roast turkey !! but someone stole it ... and we want to take it back !!! it is fought also in the holidays, because .... this is AGE OF EMPIRE !!!!

  • Ahmad Ali KarimAhmad Ali Karim Member ✭✭

    It is holiday time for the prosperous empire of Jauhar, but the village of Ampan Kechil, isn't having much of a good time for the holidays. Usually, they will go and visit their families, if they live at another place, but unfortunately Jauhar is at war with another state, and Ampan Kechil is at the border between the two states; so the villagers had to stay and prepare for any attacks. But also due to the war, some of their family members from the other villages and even cities come to the village, to not only help with the war but also to celebrate with their families and friends there.

  • Hy Everyone!
    My villagers are so busy at that time because all of man are have to go to his hometown. Woman are going to the market, travellers are searching an inn where they can sleep… Every man have the own task what they have to do. So Bethlehem is full, every inn is full. If you come late, you won’t find a place, where you can sleep…

    …Like that couple. They have to stay in a small barn with animals. Mary gave life for a baby, the small Jesus Christ. But they aren’t alone, the three kings and also the shepherds are visiting the small child.

  • EpidEpid Member, Insider ✭✭
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    It maybe a holiday for us but it's not for the nomadic societies of Age of Empires. For them a dry winter is closing in. Snow doesn't quite creep to the settlement along the reservoir but neither do gazelle. Soon the nomads must migrate south to where the gazelle tracks lead. The tribes priests prophesies a great struggle for the coming winter, shortages of food & water as the ice creeps from the north.

    But to the nomads it's just another winter, tactical gazelle luring and hunting techniques help the tribe prepare for the nearing cold.

  • Pan CalvusPan Calvus Member, Insider ✭✭
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    As I'm in month 1 of the 3 month cooldown period, this entry is not competing for a prize. I just need to practice now and then to keep my skills up, and I felt like having a raiding party.

    Merry almost Christmas everybody! May I be in ur base, killing ur doodz!

  • Rafa SheepRafa Sheep Member

    There are many ways villagers can spend the holidays. These villagers spent them time-travelling.

    What did John Black do with this newfound knowledge? He carved it on the side of a mountain in the Rockies, shortly before spotting Russian columns in the passes right below it.

    • Disclaimer: The missionary's story is completely made up. Any possible puns regarding Turkey and Asia Minor are entirely unintended.
  • KataphraktósKataphraktós Buenos Aires, ArgentinaMember, Insider

    I am from the south emisphere, so it's summer in christmas, and we suffer the heat like the crusaders in Saladin's campaign...merry christmas to everybody

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