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  • Sparta is 1 Civil, why? let Macedonia defferent while Sparrta in Greek Too shameful for Sparta, and hoplite of Sparta, Roma is Civil good with Lgionary and you let them too weak with infantry :v, change the above the game is good and can grow. and Việt Nam , China is 2 country play so much this game

  • DisarmingTen776DisarmingTen776 Member, Insider

    Nice to see good games back.

  • BrieferGoblin5BrieferGoblin5 Member, Insider

    Hello. How can we sign up for beta :)

  • AlbaDiAutunnoAlbaDiAutunno Member, Insider

    Yay! On a side note, can you add some girl colors to the game besides pink? How about purple for player color? Another friend has asked for dark gray....

  • dehumanizer95dehumanizer95 Member

    I still got the hope that you won't make this a Win 10 Exclusive Title since many players from the AoE Community won't just update to Win 10 only for AoE DE

  • PioneerPioneer MadridMember, Insider

    Hey if you have an active enough community count on me to play beta games. This game came out 1997 and is still that game that you can say " This and that and I would still be playing it". Remastering it is great idea + making it 200 pop instead of 50 would be awesome. Please keep the Aoe1 movement, audio and game experience and dont do what was done to AoEO. Complete mistake to make it so infantile imho.. and of course, make it able to play on steam please. Thank you.

  • Kalibos123456Kalibos123456 italyMember, Insider

    Thank you very much! I have asked for this game, on steam, many and many times! You will become our god for this, and many of us, (really very old people!) will suddenly buy this game! Thank you very much. I am LK_Kalibos, the oldest of the RTS games!

  • PhilPhil Member, Insider

    Omg, a dream comes true!! I'm so lucky. How can we sign up for beta?

  • LmaolycanLmaolycan Member, Insider

    Bill Gates sent me here!

  • son of catson of cat Member

    The moment I saw the trailer, I could NOT contain my excitement! I've been playing AOE since the original came out in 1997, starting with the Trial Version. I was 10 when my mom bought me the retail version for my birthday that year, and in fact, still have the original box! Got the ROR expansion for it on Christmas, 1998. Needless to say, I've been a decades-long (I can say that now) fan of the series, with The Conquerors still being my all-time favorite. I greatly look forward to revisiting this game in its refined glory when it releases! I've been hoping for this to happen since AOE2HD was announced!

  • MortalOrchid28MortalOrchid28 Member


  • matigrekmatigrek Member, Insider

    great news for all of us (fans).. but i guess it'ld be better if you put new campaigns, maybe new races and other stuff... just my oppinion.. continue doing the best

  • FabrichoFabricho Member

    Where I can download?

  • BarkingMadWaggrBarkingMadWaggr Member, Insider

    This is awesome. I cannot wait for this new one to arrive. AOE2 is the best. Thank you for continuing to improve and adding more expansions.

  • MugIetMugIet Member

    This was my childhood pc game I would play it non stop and I fell in love. But time past and I got an Xbox 360 and my pc collected dust so did AoE but 4 years later my friends told me to look at Xbox one x game trailer then I see age of empires so I assume it AoE 2 but next thing you know it's my childhood in 4K and now I need to get windows 10 and show my friends why I'm freaking out

  • LegendTHHLegendTHH Member

    Exciting! +1S !!

  • OD CattyOD Catty Member, Insider

    BEST news EVER! :)

  • CodenameShieldCodenameShield Member

    Will it be on Steam once released?

  • OMG! This is so awesome. I can't wait for it.

  • that's pretty awesome!

  • johnsyrizzyjohnsyrizzy Member

    romans versus Persians. cant wait to see all the 300 videos that come out

  • parudyparudy Member, Administrator, Insider admin

    this is great!

  • dizzytragicdizzytragic Member, Insider

    PLZ say you will remake AOE2HD in 4K as well!

  • YajulolipopYajulolipop Member


  • KrispyKelKrispyKel Member, Insider

    I cannot wait! I grew up with AOE! Remember those days I longed to finish school and go war with my mates! Occasionally surprise them with some Pepperoni Pizzas and E=MC^2!

    Over the years I tried playing the old versions again but have always hoped Microsoft will revive this! I'm glad the day has come! Please don't make this a one off project!

    Loved the original work, and loving this new piece of Art already!

  • I Hope in German too,

  • CallejacevedoCallejacevedo Member

    It's so nice to have this game back to our new PC's. May this game be a success!

    (Please dd spanish language, huh? haha)

  • WaxKitty8566716WaxKitty8566716 Member, Insider

    I have waited for a new AoE sice years! Aoe was a main part of my childhood and I am so happy to get more! The dream is still an Age of Empires 4 :D

  • FlipperSleet394FlipperSleet394 Member, Insider

    Jennifer; I'm not a US resident but I enjoy the game nonetheless, so please let me try the Beta program.
    Efren Rabago

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