January 2018 Submission Thread

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Please post your entries below. The full blog post with entry requirements and a link to the Official Rules can be found here.

Good luck everyone!


  • ThaPlaya313ThaPlaya313 Member, Insider
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    (It is important to keep in mind that they are not monkeys,just regular people that chose this name for their great empire)

    And they have some really BIG plans for this year!

    Aaaand...they did it(In less than 5 minutes)
    WOW! that is really impressive!
    ...I wonder if they are cheating to get deez(n...) kinds of results...

  • JCDentonJCDenton FranceMember, Insider
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    When you are a simple villager from a little town in medieval France, be prepared for anything if you like to party too much! (No really it can go really far!).

    NB : Texts and dialogues might not be redacted in a proper English but it was hard to be an anglophile during the Hundred-Year War and Google Translator wasn't as accurate as today.

  • CostlierParrot3CostlierParrot3 Member, Insider ✭✭✭

    Hello everyone! I introduce you Tommy! Santa Claus finally gave me a nice present!

    I know I know, I do not have a driving license, but I'm very good at driving and I've never hurt anyone!

    my dream is to compete in the monster truck challenge! one day I will win that race!

  • WilliamWololoWilliamWololo Hong KongMember, Insider ✭✭

    What will the villagers do when the new Age of Empires come?

    P.S. no one was hurt.

    Happy Wololo!

  • MannedLeopard58MannedLeopard58 Member, Insider ✭✭

    New year! For our beloved peasants, it means new houses and barracks to construct, new immense forests to chop all day long and new extensive lines of walls to be built... Each villager is important and vital for the success of an empire, although it is a very strenuous work, with death risk being a constant... Let's see how this amazonian expedition explains this to these newcomers!

  • bartje006bartje006 Member


    Here is my entry:

    After a long year of hard work of constructing buildings, farming, chopping wood, mining gold and defending themselves against cruel invaders, the villagers need to re-energize for the coming year. So their king sent them to an exclusive luxury resort on an idyllic tropical island.

    The all-inclusive resort offers a lot of fun activities, such as beach volleyball, canoeing, sailing, romantic horseback rides on the beach (we need more villagers ;) ), yoga, swimming, thrilling car rides through the jungle and much more. Or the villagers can just relax and sunbathe on the beach.

    This five star retreat will give the villagers the energy boost they need for the coming year! B)

  • chickcodechickcode Member, Insider

    My entry:

    In 2018, villagers from various civilizations found themselves in ZOO build by one of the nation.

    The ZOO had plenty of animals, such as orangutans, wild horses, sheeps, etc.

    Villagers could also meet there different types of sea animals - to admire them or...hunt.

    Hunting lions in the ZOO could end up with death of villager...

    But the funny thing of this adventure was, that villagers of different nations started throwing a fire against each other :smiley:

  • AstoundingToe6AstoundingToe6 Member

    Villagers decided to do something new this year than just gathering food, wood and coins. They've locked their explorer by build wall around him and they went on treasure adventure! woooo hooooo....

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