AOE3 doesnt work for me

stummeefoopstummeefoop Member, Insider

I keep getting error 101. Microsoft and steam say to contact each other or for support. has been non responsive for over 2 years now. the help ticket stuff at age community led me to believe my cd key was in use before I even paid for it. Who will fix my copy of the game?


  • man in the middleman in the middle Member, Insider ✭✭

    Microsoft is a pure bottleneck if you try to contact them about aoe3, it won't work 99/100 times. Steam Support with aoe3 regarding CD-key seems to be giving the same answere to all who contact about it.

    My question when did you bought the game on Steam? If recently then run the registry script and enter the CD-key Steam given you when the game asks for it. Might be an old CD-key you got in your registry, that is already used to register an account. The CD-key you have in registry at the moment is been used to create and ESO account earlier.

  • stummeefoopstummeefoop Member, Insider

    I bought the game a little over two years ago. I already tried running the registry script.

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