Age of Empires II HD Patch 5.5 is now in Open Beta! - Age of Empires

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imageAge of Empires II HD Patch 5.5 is now in Open Beta! - Age of Empires

Patch 5.5 is ready for Open Beta! Thank you for your ongoing support and participation as it is fundamental in ensuring that builds are stable and ready for Live release. In this Open Beta we have implemented password protected lobbies, improved performance and addressed some additional community issues. We are looking forward to hearing from … Continued

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  • Kingwolf256Kingwolf256 Member, Insider

    Lobby And Server System Needs Changes
    1- Lobby's Should have the option to invite your friends to play.
    2- One Player Should be considered as a host, and all other players connect to the host, just like a server. This hybrid hosting system would be more beneficial than using peer to peer technology.
    3- Further Down the Line introduce Dedicated Servers, which players host themselves and join via the lobby. The Lobby would have to be modified a bit for this to work.
    4- The Dedicated Server should have some options such as, if the owner allows, anyone can join and play in the server, or if the owner of the server chooses, he can only allow games to be played if he is included in the game , a semi public server. Or A completely private server with a password, that only the owner and the people he authenticates get access. The lobby room is still visible in the public lobby in all these senarios.

  • Elite CataphractElite Cataphract v-jegodwMember, Insider ✭✭
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    5- Voice acting should be added to all
    The Forgotten campaigns, both for the intro and in-game storylines.

  • NumericSugar44NumericSugar44 Member, Insider

    I've been experiencing some bad IA or behavior with units that Original game (and Conquerors) did not have. When starting any match and exploring the map, using chains of commands, if the unit can't go further to the location assigned, it won't go to next location and get stuck. This didn't happen in the original release... I'm not sure how to explain it better but hope the team could make tests with the units behavior.

    Also, if there's no Internet, when starting standard match, I choose always Random map. But, the next time I want to start another game, it shows the last scenario I played ("Mongolia", "Islands", for example) and need to choose again "Random"... It's (again) something that didn't happen in AoE II (not HD). Greetings and I hope this can help everyone.

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