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Hey all!

We've just implemented a new version of our old forum ranks!

The new "Idle Villager" rank has some slightly limited abilities here in the forums, and they cannot post discussions or do things like post links or set a signature on their posts. When you have commented 3 times you'll reach the rank of "Scout Cavalry" and gain all the usual posting abilities! This is to help combat spam, and should not affect most of you, as you have likely already posted more than 5 times and have a higher rank:)

Check out the list of ranks here:


TumidBoar49694TumidBoar49694 Member ✭Idle Villager✭
edited July 2017 in Suggestions

What is with this game? I have applied at every alliance and get no response, so I wonder if anyone actually plays this game. Then, every single battle... I mean every single one has vastly superior resources, armies, defenses. Why should I keep playing with ridiculous odds every time. I have already wasted money on this game. Very disappointed.


  • rhrmnrhrmn USA Member, Moderator, Insider mod

    Which game?

  • AugustusmanAugustusman Member, Insider ✭Knight✭

    Nice story but..:what are you talking about?

  • AngryBlackWomanAngryBlackWoman Member, Insider ✭Idle Villager✭

    yess me to i have played for at least 20 hours so i am a proffessionl and i think the money should be able to spend in game cou8ld be better used if you couod buy guys in game like 20 villages for $5.00 this would make the game much more compettive and increse the fun i would have by 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% percent .

  • AugustusmanAugustusman Member, Insider ✭Knight✭


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