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  1. Let's look at the who it benefits. If I see you have a market, I may be more inclined to attack you or revenge attack you because of the additional resources. Also if you do not check your empire often for resources the additional resources go to waste if your production buildings fill up. It only boosts production, not storage.
  2. Vegas Baby - 64 teams, 36 games, 4 days in Vegas. Every year for over 20 years. 20 years the only place to get all the games was Vegas. Yes, I am an ACC Fan. In a pinch I can like both Duke and Carolina. I'm off topic again. Who leads me down these uncharted paths.
  3. It still says early March, which to me is 2 weeks away, possibly 3 but that is getting to mid-March. https://www.ageofempires.com/news/2017/01/16/castle-siege-is-coming-to-android/
  4. The original announcement said early March for the Android release. However, I cannot find anything with the specific date, nor are there any new announcements that I can find.
  5. Unfortunately alliances are limited to 50 players. There are several things to think about when joining an alliance. Are you looking for strategic advice, are you playing for high crowns, resources, enjoyable chatting. There is a whole section of the forums dedicated to Alliances who are looking for new players. https://forums.ageofempires.com/forum/67-alliances/
  6. I'm going off topic again, Looking at your alliance, your emperor has not logged in in over 41 days. You need to find an alliance with an active emperor.
  7. Uchiha, The last time you were attacked, was it a revenge attack? If you look at your attack logs, is the fist Red (Revenge) or gold (Match Maker). If it is a revenge attack, try not to attack active players. Look at the shield icon in the upper left corner. If the shield is a grey ? they have not fought in this league season. Right now that only means three days. However if the shield is something else, that indicates an active player who may attack back. OK, off topic, however at age 3 you really should not be attacked unless it is a revenge attack.
  8. If I had to guess, the Key coming up during battle is distracting and takes up screen real estate blocking the player's view of the battle. Same issue with the Keep Destroyed message. If I remember correctly, the size of the keep message and the length of time it was visible has been reduced in the last year. Maybe they will do the same with the key messages. Apparently I guessed wrong and our messages were posted simultaneously.
  9. Watch signal troops only arrive when the previous batch is killed. Kite watch signal troops, let the watch signal count down again, no more troops arrive. Kill Watch Signal troops and new ones, if available, arrive immediately.
  10. It has happened to me in the past, but is not currently happening.
  11. You are right, If I click it again, it asks If I want to spend 31 gold. I never thought about clicking it twice. Thank you Thanks to both edguy77 and GhengisKhan1981. Yes, edguy77. on the first read I was not reading with true comprehension.
  12. I know, that is why I don't know what this timer does. What is it's purpose?
  13. Apologizes for being unclear. When you select the watch signal, the Request Troops button. When you click it, a 1 hour timer is starts counting down.
  14. This may be off topic, but what happens to these guys during battle? They disappear. I think they should still be randomly walking around. It would give an attacker a random gotcha, because the attacker doesn't know where they are until either the timer runs out, or they drop troops whichever comes first.
  15. What does the Relief Force Request Timer do? If I request troops will any troops donated to me after I make the request not be available until the timer expires? If I request troops and get sent troops, I see them as soon as they are sent, whether the timer has expired or not. So I assume that if I am attacked they will not come to my aid, however, I have not been able to test it.