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  1. And there you have it. You say the same thing with different words lol In outher mean, this game is´nt a end game if you don´t wont it to be so
  2. Thank´s @Desoltefiber35 for telling what MMO stand for. I south it was a shortening of some funny word
  3. You can find the Qeen in Unified Front
  4. I am one of them who voted for both. With that I mean both example are good, not how it is now. I have´nt answer question aboat the heros, becouse I´m a newbie and think´s ewerythings is what it is. After I have used the elefant, I know he dosent last long. The strongest he is......not I was gon to bed and lookin up the treed when I saw this. Now time to sleep
  5. I looked it up just now and it´s the same for me wathever I use. Maybe it´s different what you use. I have a PC M$ 8.1 What I understand, it´s different if you use a tablet or a phone. My phone/ tablet is an android, therefore I´m only on PC and don´t know how it work´s with the outher stuff I know I can fix so I can play with my phone, but I dont won´t to mix M$ with android ( don´t want to tell my whole history for M$ former Linux as I am )
  6. Maybe my terrible English make you missunderstand me. When you donate troops in youre alliance, there is a grey figure that you press for donation and beside that there is a info button. If you press that button you can donate troops and then just close that and go on. I´m speak Swenglish, so somtimes the word dose´nt comes where they should. Sorry for that
  7. Exactly. That with to catch someone who is´nt online or have PT time is´nt that easy all the time. You don´t set the clock to ring just for some pay back
  8. I don´t know. I has payd in they allis where I had to, and when I moved on, I take Boost with me. I think that the most who play this game, has paid some in different allis. The total is about the same.
  9. Have´nt read it all, but this: Fix the troop donationso when we close a donation screen we do not have to scroll all over again to the bottom If you press the I for info, the troop donation comes up and you can donate, after that you just close and mowe on You are in the same place as before
  10. I have He Svensson who is at age 8. He was with you before and I´m wondering if he can be that again? He Svensson is Andoorsen the cat you can see here to the left
  11. Just now when I tryed to go to this site I came to a Error site. I came from the game site. My name and the notification came up, but I could´nt go further. I had to go to the page Whos online and press on a name, and from there press on what he/ she was talking aboat and then go to my not´s. As you can understand of my text, this is not a problem for me. I just will tell you and maybe someone els has some trouble with it. Have the best time ever from now on Edit/ the error code ,/ Error code: 2F173/K I can´t look at my notification
  12. Well, this is the best alliance there is. I have never been so welcomed as I was here.
  13. I have´nt maxed out sins age 5 and I´m in age 8 now. Yes, I have battle with both 9 and 10 and won. If you look what you get if you age up, then you see that´s better. you only get moore defence. I like 8 mutch more then 7, but that´s me. I still have some 7 in my alts, see below.
  14. Has @joyson joy came back? I have´nt take away my subscribe on this page If anyone wonder, This is a wery fun gang and you will not regret it, I have been there