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  1. @Jasonx The blue one I can read when it´s dark around me. Not yourse or Miss Empress Phasma. But that is on the phone and everytime I have to write, I do it with my computer. So, do what you wont and that comment was stupid becouse you do that anyway
  2. Don´t forget this Chuggles: [Unofficial Poll] Universally requested small changes to existing content 1 2 3 4 12 By Andy P, January 9 I mean, we have vote ;-) and@DmitrijCzarkoff , maybe you should vote to. If more people votes, the greater chance is it that somthing happens.
  3. Well, now you know where the key gon @Chuggles22
  4. @BIG BAD WOULFF Well I write with only one finger, that´s why I missed it. If you have any request, you have most change that the Devs read it in : AoE: CS Support Post all your support needs and requests here!
  5. If you look who answered you, you see that he was just a player. No Mods! I´m also just a player. The most of what you said, had many done before. The Devs are to few for manege mutch more then all the games they already has.
  6. When I got my first key´s I did´nt got the final-chest. I thouth that it´s maybe a glitch and so far it is
  7. I don´t know if you have read the tip aboat that Window$ Store have cashe. Sometimes you must remove them ( I had that problem ) to get the upgrade.
  8. Not funny to read, I´m only got the chests. The first i got was 1K food lol, but then when I got gold and outher funny stuff I south it was okay. Maybe it gonna be better to morrow. Nighty
  9. Sight, I´m not a Bling person The bling in the game is only for hiding firetraps But I´m happy for you guys Okay, I saw that I can get gold to
  10. Sorry @Jasonx If you had said UG I maybe had understand it ( no, I´m tired now )
  11. From 100 to 1000 is´nt real. I have one. Know I´m not in for the league so mutch as you maybe heard. ( mowing when it was on, sorry for that ) I have been in leagues there people have talking about it. No names, just sayin it happens. Then, I´m a newby in this game, but I have learned that there´s many different games in it. I play after what Richard said in the beginning: if you shall build somthing LOOT
  12. Sorry Jasonx, but I don´t know what ug means I don´t know you Mis/ter but this is a question for the Devs.
  13. What! There I agree with Trump. Just talking and not doing
  14. @Empress_Phasma After the three was cut and you wrote this, I wonder thas the nexting count when you playing you´re 8 hour " Playing Time"? Or is only after you can do that? I´m just wondering becouse if it not counts, then maybe people still just play 8 hours but are in the game for 10. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To @Danilospd will I say: I have playd for aboat 24 hours. I have a disease that makes me unable to sleep sometimes and I can´t do anything else than play. ( can´t go up and do stuff either ) That´s why I have 6 alts ( 6 different players but all are me ). The take about 1 Hour to train the troops and if you have 6 alts, you can play constantly in a loop.
  15. I wonder: when I nexting in my "8 hours" bt time, is that counting or not ? Sometimes when I haven´t playd for days the game says I´m soon could be attacked Just click on and they can attack you. 8 sec bt time