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  1. Nobody to my knowledge has ever tackled the computation for crowns lost by a losing attacker. It's a giant hole in our hivemind's knowledge. Perhaps one day some upstart young sage in training will take a shot.
  2. [Mod hat on: Night night. I've read enough to shut this down.]
  3. Is Moana up for anything? I saw that one. And Sing. I think that's it other than my steady diet of all SW and MCU films. Nerds!
  4. Oh right. I recall this now. But still only one active account. I think the second account is OK for just recruiting that alt's alliance, so long as it is different than your main one. Or something.
  5. It is. I think we are talking about changing your existing account's username. I see no benefit to allowing that. But maybe I am the only person who doesn't know when someone changes masks. Seems super weird. I know of one VCM who once had an alternative forum account from earlier days but doesn't use it.
  6. If someone reduces the last seven pages to a digestible one pager, I'd be very thankful. Otherwise, I will have to wait for my next long bubble bath to read everything.
  7. If I was going to get sick about something trivial, I would have a long time ago.
  8. That's not the point. I forgot his name was screaming cat. Thanks, mmali.
  9. Is @CleverlyCat the guy behind CavCat? Is CleverlyCat Joyson? Someone else? I'm about totally sick of people changing their forum names. It's getting abused.
  10. [Mod hat on: This thread has run its course, and I see it's only going to go downhill from here. It's Friday, the professional staff go away. The trolls come out and play. Let's try to do better.]
  11. I was in the Lego Batman movie with the kids this afternoon. (Solid cinema film for parents, wait for Netflix for normal adults) I got up in the middle to get my kid water and quick looked on the forum in line. Had to stop everything and bang out a question. Lucky timing. That was some high stakes head's up AMAing by Emp. No warning signals or anything.
  12. The amount of info we've gotten in the last 48 hours warms my heart.
  13. Can we get some of our highest polling tweaks to existing content? What's your personal two most necessary tweaks?
  14. For a long time there had been a patch release schedule of one patch every four or five weeks that roughly followed a new content/bug fix/tweak existing content rotation. This stopped around the time of leagues being released in January, 2016.. It looks like the Devs are getting back into some kind of groove. What is the projected patch release schedule?
  15. We got plenty of transparency over the years. During 2012 and 2013, they were very approachable and engaging with Age of Empires Online. In 2014 and 2015, they were similarly present for Castle Siege. The March, 2015 Developer FAQ and video where we submitted questions and they answered are highlights. No idea what favoritism has to do with any of this, but you sure seem grumpy.