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  1. It could be that, but I'm not entirely sure. I can't speak for anyone other than myself, but I enjoy scraping away every unnecessary ounce of criticism until we arrive at the leanest requested change possible. Though this forum by no means directs the Developers, we have had some measurable impact on a number of patches. The better we can hone our collective criticism, the more likely we are to reach the Developers. So, for instance, while your buddies aren't wrong in raising this concern about the timing of Combat Hour, over here at the forum hivemind, we instinctively look at any concern in the context of where it fits in with all the other unaddressed concerns we've raised. To a certain extent, we are all vying for the Developers' attention, and it's a zero sum game. We don't want smaller issues to distract from larger ones. At any rate, I hope your buddies know you are doing them well representing them!
  2. I guess we are disagreeing on the amount of resources Combat Hour gives and how much of an impact that would have on a player's ability to upgrade and donate. But even if we assume for a moment Combat Hour could provide a massive amount of resources, because its two-hour timer starts only once we log in, it is fairly easy to plan for. All in all, I see Combat Hour as a providing a small increase in resources that occurs in a very predictable way. So I don't agree that Combat Hour is some kind of good idea that suffers from terrible implementation. On the list of things in the game the Devs should devote their scarce time in addressing, this problem seems quite low.
  3. I added sections on Retry Battles, Smashdown Battles, Combat Hour, and Spies. (Edit: they are a little thin, but whatever.)
  4. I think I understand your points regarding nuances on resources. There are certainly bigger picture games both within alliances and among alliances. I am not sure there is a way to either grow or retain a strong alliance without that strategy. I do not see how Combat Hour occurring in the middle of the night for some people would create a measurable impact on any of this, however. Meanwhile, if there are alliances out there still unlocking wonders, I would encourage them to consider approaching some of the much larger, older alliances. There are lots of sister alliances with all 9 boosts unlocked that cannot fill their rosters. It would be much easier to negotiate a peaceful takeover of those alliances than to negotiate enough donations from outsiders to unlock them on their own.
  5. Maybe I am misunderstanding what Combat Hour is, and if so I apologize. I am under the impression that Combat Hour simply provides extra resources to anyone who attacks during that time period. Does it do something more than just provide resources?
  6. If you guys seriously can't find enough resources these days and are relying on this new, unannounced bonus to get you to the next upgrade, then I think the precise hour of the day it occurs is the last thing you need to be worrying about.
  7. The what?
  8. I think they said it is weekly.
  9. Know where you are. Highest averages so far (based on my three data points, which is a bit of a wonky way to do it): Here are the Top 10 highest climbers so far:
  10. My constructive criticism is for Siege Wizard to continue to help out while SGI hires a new community manager to replace Empress.
  11. Who are your friends?
  12. [Mod hat on: This thread has run its course. As always, if anyone has any concerns that someone is violating the forum's rules, please simply flag the post for review. We have plenty of moderators standing by. This forum is good at lots of things, but it is terrible for public trials regarding whether someone's post is or is not appropriate. Locked.]
  13. Let's just apply the slippery slope analysis to everything. It's such a helpful device.
  14. I think he's talking about the strategy of upgrading to the castle age very quickly, often without many upgrades or troops.
  15. Until you can't save up enough resources to upgrade anything at all, you aren't losing too many resources on defense.