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  1. there's a sweepstakes i imagine this replaces the Wololo Wednesdays
  2. such sweet memores
  3. Age of Empires Online will always be special to me. It was the first RTS game i played PvP in. I still remember sweating and shaking on my first game, when i had done nearly nothing! It was the first game i ever watched on Twitch. eSports is real! It was the first time i ever tried organizing a tournament. Scrubfest will never die as long as i live. It was the first time i tried casting a game too (although i sort of chickened out!) It was the first time i played on live TV (or close to it). There should be some VODS of me playing! How exciting. And for those who remember, it was the first time i was so enthusiastic in a forum! Good times. For some. Apologies to those who didn't. And there's probably more which i don't remember off the top of my head. I also got to contact some great people! Although i maintained a high level of cyber security (or tried to) there were some absolutely wonderful people who i talked to, played with. Perhaps i will meet you in the future, under different IDs, or better yet in real life! So long and thanks for all the fish.
  4. I am aware that sometimes you log in to be unable to find a pvp match in a reasonable amount of time. So the idea is as follows : you post when you are available and people can arrange their schedules if they so wish and log on during those times allowing people to play pvp with a lower search time! keep times in PST (you can find out the current PST time here). gl hf!
  5. tl;dr. i assume you are asking for a solution to a 'missing' product key. try here
  6. when the message pops up saying 'game is out of sync' press esc rather than 'ok' and it should be fine.
  7. just make threads in the general discussion section. there's not that many threads about trade with the low player base now, let alone enough for their own section
  8. [quote=g00fy4;4633] Now what can i do with this microsoft points ?[/quote] nothing. the games for windows live marketplace was shut down a while back, and along with it anything MP related
  9. IIRC there is a line in the terms and conditions which said GFWL/AoEO could be shut down at anytime if they felt like it.
  10. did you re-install AoEO with GFWL? if you did perhaps your shortcut is broken (remnant of the tseam version?), so try finding the AoEO directory and opening it from there.
  11. IIRC this is one of the quests in a chain of three which award EP
  12. You can download Games for Windows Marketplace in your new PC. And open your access and you can download AoEO in there. that. alternatively, you can copy and paste the files (Games for Windows Live and Age of Empires Online from the Microsoft Games folder) from your old HDD. game directories will vary from computer to computer but is default to the C drive
  13. Microsoft stopped creating new content because the money it cost to create new content was larger than the money they expected to receive for selling the new content. As you know, Microsoft is disabling the game on July 1, 2014. Microsoft has not completely explained why, but it seems to me that the cost to continue to run the game is larger than the benefit they would receive for keeping the game open. I believe, but do not know, that much of this reasoning is linked to the software link between AOEO and Games for Windows Live (GFWL). Microsoft is also disabling GFWL. I assume that to patch AOEO such that it runs independently from GFWL would cost additional money, too. (However, I know almost nothing about programming, so my understanding of these technical issues may be completely wrong.) I apologize for my earlier post. I was not writing very clearly. Thanks for taking the time to learn English. I am sure your English is much better than my Dutch. -Andy I have a question. Can MS do something for earn money with AoEO? For ex add lots of civs and diffirend mods ? Or a limited edition verison with sountrack with photoabumes (Like AoEIII Collector). I think limited ed. will be good for earn money because I know lots of AoE collector. I am an engineer so I dont know about money problems My job is problems vs solitions which would require developers which would cost money. it would also be unlikely hat people will play as most believe it is still pay to win having left the game with a bad impression a long time ago.
  14. Here lies a list of all streamers for AoEO who have streamed recently (within 2 weeks). I will try and keep this updated. General Link for AoEO - Official - Andy Pierce - iratoruk - If you stream regularly and i have not listed you, send me a private message and i'll put you on this list. 1.01 2 week condition added, changed last line
  15. i would like to shamelessly announce that i will occasionally be streaming myself and i will be giving away basically all the items i have in some sort of free giveaway scheme for viewers. so follow me @ !
  16. well i suppose it could be but i don't see any reason why a company would pay most likely loads of $ for a game which has both a bad name and poor behind the scenes code (apparently) which would make it most likely easier to start a new game entirely with the features of AoEO that didn't work removed.
  17. good to see you guys have a re-kindled interest in AoEO! try going here and see if it helps
  18. to be honest the marathon server floats between 50 and 100 players online at anytime.
  19. if you really want you can try downloading the game from a third party (so games for windows live + the AoEO files - you can not use normal methods) and create a new account from there and see if it works. but it is said you can not so it might all be in vain.
  20. [quote=titinnouu;3034]My files of the game were in an old extern disk and i threw it some months ago (don't think to save the files because i didn't see that the game will be shutdown).[/quote] download [url=]Games for Windows Live[/url], install, open and log in with it. Then check your 'downloads' and Age of Empires Online should be listed BUT there should only be a INSTALL option. Click it and there you go.
  21. unfortunately it has been decided that the game will be shut down. we can only try and enjoy our final moments with AoEO. If you are a returning player, download games for windows live and from there you can re-download AoEO.
  22. last aoeo christmas, let it be longer if it is.
  23. tired of twitch because it lag issues? youtube is going to let anyone stream ! although this does raise the question, and i haven't watched for a long time so forgive me if i'm mistaken, but why isn't aoe streamed on youtube as well? there's a live rewind button, so you can rewind if you miss out something, and catch up. it's pretty nifty. so anyone streaming, youtube is now a viable option too!
  24. Splendid idea! Here's hoping it turns out well!
  25. I would believe you could get to 40 and have a lot of fun with the end game content before the servers shut down