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  1. It would come as a surprise but its the truth, ,That ATI Radeon gives a better gaming on Curved Led Gaming monitors . Tried it 2 days before its much better than NVidia . Bought it and installed it last night. Woke up early today and started gaming. Its really better.
  2. The Windows X' anniversary update is a game killer. Once you get it creates all sorts of display errors and vexes the gamer to the max. That's the main reason I always rejected Terry Myerson, all the projects he heads don't have sufficient or talented 'Quality Assurance staff in the name of cost cutting. If I want Windows to be for day to day activities I would have chosen an Android not Windows X Pro. Wintel machines are exclusively created for you Microsoft before Surface machines. Respect them.
  3. If your work requires BYOD ( Bring Your Own Device ) and Management refuses to invest in workers hardware. Take your AlienWare Laptop and play games at every break . It will atleast make the management to reinvest profits in Production machines. If Office does not have cafeteria go to the café across the street and always arrive 10 to 15 minutes late after every break. If they are not noticing take the break 10 minutes early too. If there is no Air Conditioning , Do not wear Deodorant and take bath once in a week , If you cannot do that Wear the strongest Perfume so that it gives tears and cold to those who sit next to you. Tell them since workplace is quite sweaty had to try it. If they do not have any place to relax to during stressful coding, for every 30 minutes stand-up lift your arms up , mumble a crazy tune and then swing and dance. Repeat the process every 30 minutes. If they ignore for a week make screeching noises too. If you had tried all that u would perhaps get your own room and sit with your machine and work comfortable.
  4. Hi guys have u tried to play strategy games on touchscreen without using mouse.
  5. i play banish but got bored with it. I have tropico series, Civilization, Settlers, Microosft RTS bundle, Warhammer, Sierra Bundle , City Skylines, Total War Series.. Try some of it. The Tropico Series is good. In Sierra Bundle (Zeus and Poseidon , Caesar 3 and 4 are good) Settler 6 and 7 are good. so is Anno. Warhammer Dawn of War 2. Its good. in Total war Empire , Rome 2 are good.
  6. Aven colony.. good recommendation . thanks.
  7. Other than Civ6, Dawn of War 3. Sierra Repackaged bundle to Steam any new RTS games ? Which are worthy decent...
  8. No sir its not like that Say X3 = Rise of Rajas = 369 Rs now X + X1 + X2 + X3 = 295 Rs and X + X1 + X2 + X3 + Y + Y1 + Z + Z1 + Z2 + A = 266 Rs
  9. A game has been released recently in Steam. The DLC is costlier than the whole bundle offer. Buy Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas : 369 Rs ₹ 369 Buy Age of Empires II HD + The Forgotten + The African Kingdoms + The Rise of the Rajas BUNDLE : 295 Rs Buy Microsoft RTS Collection: Age of Empires/Age of Mythology/Rise of Nations BUNDLE : 266 Rs Wondering How pricing is determined by Microsoft
  10. Financials whether money is paper or a number in digital wallet it is worth something and is needed for trade. As of IT and the ever long queue of Human resource flow don't expect your skills to be accepted all the times. So most of the IT guys tend to be part time workers. I understand you are not living a life as mine which expenses do not cross 150 US$ a month or some 1050 US$ a year. You don't have live a life that frugal. Many have families, child support, ex spouse litigation and single mother expenses. First of it is first buy food not fill your refrigerator but just to fill your stomach. with subs as invest much in water and not in beer. If you are tired of taste of water add your choice of xxxyyyzzz liquid to it in dilution. Second when you are in office utilize the maximum office resources, For that arrive to work early. Repeat advice Arrive to work early but don't start work, Have breakfast at home but have morning coffee in office. If not able pursue HR to get one. As morning arrival move around the office desks and get familiarity. It will help your ego , you will NOT need year of the party or party of parties expenditure to impress your colleagues. Start Work, Concentrate on Work. Multi task only if there is communication involved otherwise Do Not Accept multi tasking. This will help you cope up with stress. Do not access Social media during office hours or *** getting horny at work without relaxation will stress you more (been there). When you concentrate on work and you will be ahead in the team, so progress work along with the team. Helping the team means not helping your buddy with work, In work help your buddy only if he or she presents request to team otherwise do not. Do not be a nosy parker its the Team Leads job. When you become a team lead you will understand your fellow guys workspace and not involve in it. If you overwork the company will grow but not your pocket, the HR will give you a 20% raise for 200% extra work. Why people like me should benefit who come chair AGM meetings and collect enormous dividends more than the actual invested share value. Have lunches in office always. It helps your team to understand and get adjusted with you. Most important do not bring snacks to office. If you got something eat privately. It will help you to cut a few money. The government mechanism is designed to tax the person who got money not to value the work he contributed for earning it. so sometimes you earn a lot of cash and find the govt takes it more. Investment is not saving, Saving is different, Insurance is not investment either. First safeguard your finances, for that insurance is needed (medical, life and property) go for it. Make the insurance premium tax inclusive so that you get tax exemption. Do not pay premium beyond your tax limit. Savings, have daily savings, weekly savings and monthly savings. Daily savings is money which you put in you piggy on whatever expenses made for the day, Weekly savings is money which you have withdrawn for the week and and not spent that much thru the weekend, monthly is mandatory 10 to 15% of your salary. Have separate savings plan like an account with an other bank or so. Each 6 month make an FD of whatever you accumulate. As many of you who are thirties like me would have experienced long breaks of unemployment during economic crisis and dot com crisis and economic stagnation crisis. 15 percent of your increment fund for it. please understand 15% increment say if your salary was 8000 USD a month and next year you get 9200 USD a month save 180 USD to 240 USD a month for these types of crisis. If a year goes ok and next year seems sure convert it into deposits. Do not mix it with regular savings. life goals, make sure life goals are buying or building house, family or marriage, accumulating luxuries on my part are not life goals. make a small saving 50 to 100 dollars initially and then more to have life goals. say initially you increase by 100% then decrease slowly as the figure gets bigger. in a first 100 dollars means after 4 or six months 200 dollars then by the year increase to 300 like that. Investment. As there will be many flyers or marketing persons daily or weekly harassing you invest in this and that. If you don't get that harassment you are not making enough money go concentrate more on your work. After Salary - (monthly expenses + insurance premiums + savings + life goals + charity) = investment amount. If you know how business world works then have the investment get into real estate or stocks. Stocks only if you are having a sparetime to read about financials, lending, corporate cash and projection for the year. Otherwise go for funds. Don't be eager to invest in electronics. Its useless to invest in iPhone if we do not use iPhone or mac apps. for playing games and general browsing or watching free movies whats the use of spending on it. If you got a 55 inch normal full QHD LED TV why change it to smart QHDLEDTV buy thumbstick add-on and make it smart TV and connect with other devices. have common wifi plan for your devices and a small data plan for your mobile devices. Do not got for high roaming data unless you are mobile or if work requires so bill it in Industry expenses. HR have food stamps and discount vouchers always utilize them for your needs. When got time monitor your savings or you will end up like me not knowing what to do with the money acquired. Last titbit inspite of the gaming hours early retirement that too in your 30s suck. Sometimes it gets a lot boring but only on certain days. Finally because one got money do not waste resources, resources belong to community if we waste we are spending other persons need.
  11. o melhor de todos


  12. For legacy AoM.
  13. My own programs they give error. I wrote some custom projector tools for windows 7, too lazy to recompile and redo code. by the way they force us to upgrade leaving us limited options.
  14. If an online game requires mega size updates like AOEO, how much you get frustrated at ? Every time they updated I regretted my season pass purchase also hesitated to buy new gaming products from Microsoft for atleast 2 years. only on june making sure they wont release mega sized updates did I buy the Microsoft strategy bundle on Steam.
  15. You would have noticed by this time there is lot of Windows X versions released by Microsoft. Each update takes 3GB and takes almost a 1 week to download on limited bandwidth. My laptops one run on 10240 other one runs on 10586 ... Certain applications run ok 10586 but classic games and Visual studio and my own .Net programs run better or compatible with 10240. u can hit winver app on the Cortana and find out