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  1. 4 Silver chests and 1 gold chest rss only
  2. Well for today... 3 silver chests with gold and rss and one gold chest with some gold and tomb stone Now i have all 8 tombstones very nice
  3. 6 silver chests with a lot of gold and rss one gold chest with more one tombstone... need more 2 for complete
  4. The problem is when you retry one battle and replay that... same problem here when check an alliance battle... When i close the game and re-open its fix and sound comes back if you need my logs again ask me
  5. 4 silver chests and one gold chest... rss gold and 2 tombstones 4 Silver chests and one gold chest...rss gold and one refreshment stand Today i got 6 silver chests and 1 gold chest let me see what will drop
  6. And i speak 5 languages without any translator lol
  7. It can be a good tutorial for how to capture spies
  8. 4 silver chests with rss and 80gold and one gold chest with refreshment stand
  9. How manny times we can capture that spy in a day? 2 or 3 or only one time?
  10. Hahahahaha!! This profile pic lol [lol][lol][lol][lol] 

  11. Very funny rety battles buttons and nice new sounds on destroyed walls Hope we got some gold sale soon
  12. Case solved Ty siege Holmes lol More ifos here ...
  13. I send a log files to you ty hope you solve this problem... i will bump this topic if the problem persists