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  1. Hope they increase the build capacity on the future
  2. The preffered music from Claudia and Claire in Warehouse 13....
  3. If you got that grayed screen you are vulnerable to attacks.
  4. Paying for end to cook the army? Gold is everything
  5. Will be amazing if someday they allow us to trade some excessive resources, and they can cost a part of % in game from every trade... Hope some day they implement it maybe
  6. I found your alter Have Fun Kicho on MM :P Hope found you again i need your pennants lol  [lol][lol][lol][lol][lol] 

  7. On tribute for lasts episodes of Warehouse 13... Hope never foget this serie
  8. That momment when you got that flag.... Just for advise your enemies
  9. Nice history! Nice to know great players.
  10. They know that bug long time ago about troops got stuck on gates... Hope they fix it soon
  11. If they put an option for shelve walls or just guard it... It will help so much for begins a new layout. But you have presented so much good ideas @DmitrijCzarkoff