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  1. Im bad with slangs I already know what is power level lol But ty for explanations it can be usefull for some another ppl
  2. Ofc somethings arent available to does... and somethings are not good for the game another things are useless
  3. Nice but the quantity on the honor buttons options still weird
  4. Its show 0 owned but im already put more than 6 honor items.... but its still grayed so...
  5. Ok so lets ask somethings... why barraks level 10 have one strong shadow? Other builts have a transparent shadow... why that shadow is more dark than another builds? can devs correct the quantity showed on civ statues and new honor items?
  6. Can someone say for me what is AMA pls?
  7. Ty for the availability
  8. Me too... So much checksum errors
  9. You would built your home near a graveyard lol You like so much that gravestones no? Those are intersting for create a memorial from everythings I wanna create a graveyard with ruins on my castle, for remember my death enemies And losers
  10. Let it go again and repeat all things sayed on...
  11. I preffer take my pillow and when i wake up.... Pool and wine
  12. Omg they are awesome
  13. I want see one video "Behind the scenes" with robeyone and empress She already record their voice on battle chests video but we want more
  14. Is fun and make all more decorated PL? What is PL?