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  1. welcome! like rhrmn was saying is there going to be a new aoe game anytime soon? as anyone could have kwown beforehand: halo wars 2 was a massive fail. I wonder why? cough* rts on a xbox * cough *dumbed down mechanics for pc* cough *halo wars 2 instead of a remake of a proper 2017 remake of aoe1/2 or aom* cough *everyone been asking and spamming you on every facebook post you made for aoe4 for the past 13 years stop with the mobile games/kinect mobile transaction xbox games already and make a proper age of empires 4 which should be a remake of aoe1/aoe2 or aom with proper 2017 mechanics/smooth gameplay, leaderboards, clan support, no civs behind a paywall or anything p2w related. (do NOT make the mistake to make an aoe scfi related.) age of empires online game mechanics were into the right direction with numbers popping up above control groups, a queu on the right side showing which units you are making. and the minimap showing your allies square boxes to see where your allies point of view is on. do NOt make another cartoony game, even though the gameplay was good on aoeo you killed an entire fanbase by making it cartoony, p2w, microtransaction, and gear mattering in pvp, needing to level up to compete in pvp, only 2 civs at launch. when is microsoft just going to do what everyone been asking for the past 10 years? you will literally overtake starcraft 2 and compete with league of legends by releasing a proper triple A aoe1/2 remake title called aoe4. want to know why, try playing understanding the core of aoe2 and aoe1, and then play it in the 3d engine of aom. aoe's concept is so much more fun. its a perfect mix of macroing/microing, because of the food,wood, gold(stone/favor) mechanic and counter system. it just needs a sick 2017 remake with good graphics(without lag) starcraft 2 is boring(units die super fast, only 2 resources to gather and its literally next to your base, maps are always the same whileas in aoe you have random generated maps making it so that you have to adapt every game, which brings a new skill to the table, which is also very fun. and the game never gets old because of this.) I could rant on and on forever to be honest. I'd love to work on aoe4 myself since I know exactly what needs to be done(and microsoft clearly doesn't know, or at least the people in charge) you're microsoft plenty of $ on the table cmon now, create some art like the first 3 aoe games. (aoe3 went in the complete wrong direction) what people want is exactly for you to make a new aoe game every 3-4 years like call of duty. whoever would make aoe could be swimming in gold mines
  2. hey i'm ibubblei probably known best for my youtubechannel youtube.com/ootgamingcentral (with my team dejavunl88 justicefive and gman9495.) and youtube.com/iloveaoeonline (with wudi and baron.) the most watched pvp video was a free vs premium showcase. my most fun times were the beta tournaments where i came in second, and the other rts-sanctuary tournament. you also might remember ootclan.com where we hosted our own tournaments with 64 player double elimination bracket. i've been rank 1 early beta/release for up to 1/2 years now and then for a few days when i was active when the game was still really competitive. i've had a lot of fun playing against actual pros from other aoe games and see how i mashed up against them. here are some screenshots: from our own level 40 only chat with ork zuta and many others.(Orc was at an amazingly 99-0 in the leaderboard when i put down the punishment and made it 99-1.) some art work from my oot site/youtube channel http://i.imgur.com/z***TiiO.png some screenshots ingame against different players: against rtsking (was the same season ork got to 99-0 from that other screenshot.)
  3. aomt multiplayer got me hooked for over 7 years, with both supremacy and scenarios (scenarios were the best part!) So yeah 100% worth to buy it!
  4. I still got rivciv (tcl) version and all the other versions I made on my laptop. I'll try to get them working for this new version . Tukai/bubble or ibubblei for the people who played aoeo, if any of you remember that's me. @yeebaaagooon, I wonder if ya remember me ? We made a few scenarios back then along with nottud