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  1. sorry again for the pending... I had several problems with my phone and laptop this last 3 days...
  2. Same for me ! 400 Mo... I can do it when I'm on a Wifi spot but not on mobile data... It's not fun to have to reinstall the game each time you need to switch anyway ! I took a look at others posts, it seems like there are other people having various connexion / switching issues, since the update, but all seems different to what we have, so thank you for adding your testimony. I had also tried to update Xbox, but there were nothing available. However the update of the software called "application connector" alway failed, but it was never a problem before. I have just tried the alternative switching method and, at least, this works... but it's less handy and use more physical resources (hard drive space etc...). However, switching like this is faster. (but it may work for laptops and desktop computers only, I guess)
  3. It's probably totally unrelated with 1.23 release but, I happen to have removed the game completely just before the update, then I reinstalled it fully with the new version (again, that is probably a detail). Since then, I can no longer switch between my accounts. I can loggin / loggout in the xbox app, but it doesn't change anything in the game : the first account I'm logged with, remain the one active forevein CS, until I un-install and re-install it again. It's like the game is now completely independent from Xbox. I have also tried a "WSRESET", then cold boot... Does anyone have an idea why this is happening ? By the way, at first logging, I choose to not link my Windows user account to my MS account for everything, I click bellow on "just use it for this app". It normally makes easier to switch. I'm probably going to have to use the alternative switching method again.
  4. Well thank you ! Let says that if my battle fails, I shouldn't be able to leave a mark on Rurik, it's not fun otherwise...
  5. this is the kind of speech / poetry you can easily create by simply selecting every words suggested on your phone, one after another...
  6. This is a real poblem. These units are quite unpredictable and not reliable. Sometimes engineers are likely to attack something else than the siege weapon that has triggered their trap, even if that "something else", is not closer and do not target them. Someone has shown a good example for this not too long ago. If you invistage on the forum, you might find several threads about this. But yes, if something target them, they will normally react and forget about the siege weapon. Sometimes RoMs are impossible to kite away, immediatly after that you deploy your trebs, they switch target for it and are blind to anything else... Yet, sometimes, they are really dumb and they just attack the closest thing they see... They also generally react to whatever target them, like for the engineers. Nevertheless, I think RoMs are good as relief troops, because it can be really annoying to have them coming from anywhere in the mid or the end of a battle, as they are likely to rush toward the siege weapons. But when they are immediately deployed at the beginning of a battle, they tend to be useless, easy to kite and eliminate… The problem is that if you try to defend yourself seriously, you get attacked with Martel most of the time in return :/
  7. amazing battle ! Beli helped so much !!
  8. I don't know, maybe they are busy with other things currently or they are just in the mood for a new FMG ? Like for Joan, I choosed to not use the orange bearded egg, despite that I had him ready to battle... It's because you said that all the second slot heroes will be available again It looks like we are heading to a draw...
  9. That was completly messy, not exactly what I was planning to do at least, I got some stones this time !
  10. Ok, sorry for the delay, I had to fight with computing difficulties first. Can I still use Joan btw ?
  11. your turn @Bueuk...
  12. well nevermind, I thought you were worried about the fact that the sandwich gate looks like this... check the FAQ...
  13. It is normal, it always happens with "sandwich gates" or "T gates" no matter how you try to place them. On one side the gate would appears to be open on the outside, on the other it looks like this. But the 3 areas are always effectively connected. And even when the gate appears to be oriented toward the outside, there's still a wall behind it, so it's doesn't make sense anyway.
  14. I just need to know which account to pick... My consciousness tells me to bring the one of highest level, but my laziness and my cowardiness tells me to pick the lowest one... anyway, I'm not going to play until tonight