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  1. Hello Ahmad, translating some useful informations / FAQ /guides / tutorial / Wikia... about CS in your native language might also be a good way to help people from your country with the game. You may have noticed that, all the support and the guides about this game are available only in English... You can also help non English speakers directly within the game. Although, I believe that a direct access to some useful information could be rather convenient for some Malaysian players. About the in game language... It looks like SGI have not found hiring someone to translate this game into Malaysian enough rewarding. You should ask them directly if you want to offer your services. I have no idea how they proceed though. You can take a look at this thread, it's more or less related: https://forums.ageofempires.com/topic/25339-multilingual-faq/?page=1
  2. Age of empires: Castle siege, has only a little to do with the game play of the old Age Of Empires titles (I, II and III). So, if he is specifically making criticisms against the fandom Wikia made for Castle Siege, why do he say that it would help people to discover one of the best game of his childhood ? Maybe in fact what he want to see is a fandom wikia made for all of age of empires titles ? I'm trying to understand.. is there a Wiki for Age of Empires II HD for instance ? He never said that he was talking of AOE: CS by the way. I also played at age of empires I, II and III. But I really don't understand his point. He is talking about a "fandom wikia", then he says that it should be made by the devs... Does he compares AOE CS Wikia to the one made for some other game? If so, he is not explaining at all how this one is better than the one made for AOE: CS. Anyway, that is also not something made by the devs of this game... No one is there for the music anyway, everyone is just there to take some pictures and get some "likes" on their social networks. I thought this were 662 active contributors doing a collective work though, like the people that made the system that runs the computer I'm using now for instance...
  3. are you talking about AOE: CS wikia ? I doubt that you have played this game in your childhood. It is said that "dawn of titans" wiki was written by 662 users, with so many people involved, it has to be great...
  4. it works well on my cheap Android phone, that's very handy to collect resources and for the chat, compared to this, collecting resources with a mouse cursor is a pain However, for battles it's quite intimidating on a screen of that size ! Switching of account is also easier and faster than on a laptop
  5. just take a year off, you may climb in the leadder board...
  6. if you think someone is breaking the rules, you have to report this via private message to @Siege Wizard It is not allowed to share your suspicions here publicly by the way.
  7. This is just a little variation on daily bonus theme, and possibly just for experimental purpose.
  8. It might be, I have never heard of "postscript" but in french, "p.s. :" stands for "Post Scriptum". And it also means that you want to add something at the end of a formal letter for instance.
  9. I don't fully agree with that and I think both your idea (keeping the feature as it is and limit what can be use during the retry, to what the original attacker had actually used) and the suggestion of the OP have pros and cons... To me, the point of a retry battle is to both learn from others and to teach to others, while, you seem to think that the main purpose is to have a friendly competition and to determine which one of the two players is the best in a given situation... I'm not sure if the devs have explained what for they made this new feature, but I tend to think that it's mostly to help new players to get good skills. It is obviously way better than any new training scenarios they could have made... However, I don't deny that competition and emulation is also an aspect of it. Also, we are all free to use this tool as we wish, some use it only to show that they have the best skills, while some would only do a retry from someone else, when they actually expect to learn something from it, for others it's 50/50. So, if what matters to you is showing that you have the best skills and that you were able to make a 100% win, with only half an army for instance, then it makes sens that your challenger is only allowed to use what you did used. But if you want to teach to someone, something that you do well and that you haven't used fully your troops, it's probably better to let the one who retries, to use a few extra champions, Mameluks etc... There is also, possibly, the case in which you want to know, how you could have made something better and that you haven't use some troops, while they could have made a significant difference if they had been properly used with the good timing. The more skilled player that retries your battle could show you how to best use all of your troops. Also, about competition, doing a retry is like doing a revenge battle, you are doing a battle that you have already seen and so you should know how to avoid some mistakes. For instance, when I retry some of my own defeats, I sometimes get a 2 stars win. It doesn't mean that I'm better than myself But in the other hand, when you are retrying from someone else, you often don't use your favorite army set, so it can be a little disadvantaging. Nevertheless, It's clear that with retry battles, you can't say for sure that player x is better than player y, despite that there is some sort of challenge in this. So, in my opinion, that would be better in the general case to allow second player to use the full original army set, including unused troops. And also mind that the armies are going to be compared on the results screen, so if player A is doing a 3 stars with half of the troops, and player B is doing the same but with every troops available, it's still not hard to guess which one is actually more skilled. I'm not discussing of weird cases like disconnection at the start of a battle, it's anecdotal and I don't think a feature like this should be based on marginal events like this.
  10. I was looking for it but I have missed that information, thank you.
  11. the question is no longer what, but when... and will it happen again ?
  12. Sorry guys, I took a look at the store, to see what it says about my Xbox version, and it only requires "Windows 10 10240.0 or higher", Windows 10 build 10.10240 is in fact only the 1507 version. I have Xbox version "24.27.17008.00000". So we should get the same Xbox app on any Windows 10 version (1507-1511-1607). But something looks different when doing account switching, the difference must be due to the "Xbox Identity Provider" the description says: "a system application that allows games to be connected with Xbox Live". That's should be what was broken before that I have reinstalled Windows 10. CS was not really connected with Xbox anymore. It also says that it requires "Windows 10 version 14316.0" or higher and 14316.0 means windows 10 1607. So when you have the same Xbox app on every Windows 10 version, "Xbox identity Provider" system app is different. If you already have Windows 10 1607 and it still doesn't work, I don't know what you should do... You should try every possible things, like: uninstalling the game, use "WSReset.exe" then make a cold boot, reinstall the game, reconnect yourself then try to switch or maybe you could even try to "reset this PC"... But anyway, you should be able to use the alternative switching method: Settings -> Accounts -> Family and other users -> Add a new user on this PC Then type the MS account email address for your alt CS account -> push "next" Then switch to the new user account, login Install AOE CS from the store (it doesn't actually download the full game) Repeat this for each CS account Now, you should be able to switch between CS accounts through Windows 10 local user accounts, instead of doing this through Xbox on just one Windows user account (it's actually faster, when each user account is already open). I hope it helps.
  13. If someone launch your "retry battle", but then just press the white flag during the scouting time, their replay will look like 6 min of nothing 0%, zero troops etc.. and no one else will be able to try it. I've done it myself, I took a close at the troops in the army of my alliance mates and then I thought: "no it's impossible to really win with this, I leave it to someone else more motivated", then I clicked on the white flag just to discover that all was spoiled ! 2 of my retry battles were also spoiled like this. So when you start a retry battle, never press the white flag ! There's no coming back !
  14. My system won't load Build 1607; the installer says my PC is unsuitable or some such. When I installed it last Fall, my PC was hosed; had to restore from backup. Maybe the Creator's Edition will be better. I agree with @musictopia2 I was unable switch between accounts on 1511 too and I had also the same screen problem. 1607 fixed both problems. Do you use the "media creation tool" ? That software is annoying : it sometimes doesn't recognize USB keys, it requires 8 GB of free space while it never use it... I hope that the game will fully work again on every platforms, Windows 1511 is normally not out dated yet... I'd like to make a little suggestion about "sharing retry battles": often people press the white flag before the end of the scouting time. Then the battle is lost, 0%, zero troop, 6 min of nothing... And no one can try it again after. It's a little bit frustrating, when you know that you will have to wait until the morrow to share something again and that there will always be someone who doesn't know, or doesn't care to waste a shared retry battle. I've seen it happening 3 times already, so please discard the white flag, or make it possible to actually give up before the battle starts @Robeyone But that's an amazing feature anyway !
  15. It's because something huge just happened, an update with many new things that actually make most people happy ! But there are still a few things to fix on 1.23, Android release was probably delayed, partly because of this...