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  1. ROFLMAO.... OMG.. you guys crack me up Could make it like a maze
  2. As it is i can't seem to get my sticky fingers on any of the new stuff But i was looking longingly at them in the market this morning and got to thinking about other things which would be AWESOME. So this thread is for any new ideas that would be cool even though we''ll probably never see them To kick things off: How about a set of stocks, gallows and a guillotine??!! ...... We need some way to punish all these spies lurking around our castles these days on the subject... i dont think being pressed and exploding into a gazillion coins (ok... well ...6 of them anyway) is an approprite punishment! Public execution would be a far better deterrent!!
  3. hahaha... OMG now i will live in constant fear of Dave and Steve jumping out... guitar in hand to come smash my trebs!!! Doc's mind just works differently... LMAO who else would think to put an engineer trap in front of a gravestone... That must look so hilarious when they jump out during battle
  4. HAHAHA... Those are my ninja spearmen If you watch the whole replay 'Capnascimento18' You'll see they 'climb' right to the top of the trees near the sundial in the corner Those little ninja's survived the entire battle they even got in on the action destroying a few buildings in the end
  5. They have unfortunately found a new way to punish us regular donors... with the combat bonus that gets activated when we log on to donate... but then have no army to battle with Still... at the moment i'm still way too chuffed with the patch to let it bother me!!!
  6. LMAO... that must be really rare and super expensive... I haven't yet seen a Kievan Castle in the springtime Maybe they harvest from the commemorative tree?? ... The snow doesn't stick to that one
  7. *coughs *bullsh1t... *cough *cough *bullsh1t hahaha... we all know you cant quit but indeed, it is a really nice feature to keep us interested and having fun for a while
  8. @Siege Wizard @Robeyone @anybodyelsewhowilllisten Guys... @TheSilverZealot @Magic Murtu @Kicho are not newbies or complainers... please take this seriously... They have been around the block in this game and are insanely loyal to it... IF THEY SAY SOMETHING IS UP... SOMETHING IS DEFINATELY UP!!! Just go watch some of SZ'z attacks you don't get a log like that by being a bumbling moron who can't understand the controls He means me and yep my last few battles have felt slightly different (could be my imagination cos i can't quite put my finger on it) feels like target prioritization but definately not the types of problems they are describing... @Siege Wizard please help them get hold of those log files
  9. When your favourite mod shows up for the first time in days Hiya girl
  10. hahaha... nope... battles are 6 mins for me... Something is definately up after the patch... sometimes greyout is after 5 mins... sometimes it's longer.. Sorry to bother you @Robeyone... is this intentional??
  11. hahahah... I've been on the receiving end before.... LMAO .... but i love Sarcastic Robey But since then I've tried it all and ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE RETRY's!!!! i wish they were visible to the other player somehow though... so he can see that i got him 2nd time around... Also the 20 min greyout is intermittent.... was it just a bug?? or was it meant to be extended?
  12. Hahaha... i bet he would not need to say so much if you slackers just did what your emp told you to
  13. Something else i just noticed... the screen now only greys after 20 mins!!!! Finally!!! everybody who doesn't cheat gets a bone!!! hopefully this will mean a lot less au**-clic**** !!! PS i wonder if the 'legal' exploit involving a certain 'key' has been changed?? lol .... if you don't know what i'm talking about... don't worry, it's for the best
  14. OK, so I haven't even played a battle since the new patch just been reading here... i can already see a few issues... Here are my views BATTLE CHESTS: lol... since the battle chest patch I've only had 2 gold and 2 royal chests... really unlucky i guess... this will make it much better SMASHDOWN: I think it's a great idea. So many people i've had the privilege of playing with over the last (far too long) have got to the higher ages and never get 3* wins anymore... EVER ... This gives them a chance to do it again!!! It's a great feeling, all that keeps me coming back really... and i'm really glad that more players will now get to enjoy it!!! To the guys who don't really need smashdowns to get the big wins... @JeslineJoshua... lol... just destroy the castle... leave one building... then smash down all the walls and when u done wit that... take a victory lap That said... really... we HAVE to take it when and where we are told to??? ... LMAO... cmon Dev's these are adult humans not 6 years olds (well mostly, some of you i'm not so sure). Make a smashdown button which lights up when it's available and let peeps choose when to use it!! On the subject... why not do the same with the daily bonus?? BUG FIXES: Thanks for fixing the nexting exploit I haven't battled yet... but i did do my donations and OMG!!! It was the most pleasurable donation experience EVER... it was so good i thought i was having a f****** org*** ... GF was getting worried... she came to investigate why i was so happy... THANK YOU... For Months We've been mercilessly punished for our daily good deed!!! The pain is finally OVER Every now and then the devs do something that reminds me that they really are listening... today is one of those!! Thanks @Robeyone, @Siege Wizard RETRY BATTLES: Haven't tried it yet and i'm sure there will be some issue... BUT, It's a great idea!!! about the closest thing we've been offered to targeted MM... I love the idea of sharing a retry battle with an alliance mate I was wondering will the defender be able to see these defences too? ....not a big deal if he can't but i thought it would be fun to hand my victims over to @TheSilverZealot for a second hiding To the dev's... We're not quite there yet with regard to targeted MM... but it's a start... so Thank You What are everybody else's thoughts here?? New patch dropped... the gloves are off... but i think for once it's got to be to give the devs a pat on the back Lastly I'm really really glad you haven't neglected us in favour of the android release.. We do notice... and appreciate it
  15. HAHAHA.... OOOHHHH you ssoooooo better take that back!!! LMAO I'm calling @GhengisKhan1981... and his Mongol horde...