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  1. That's not the fight song ............. THIS is The Fight Song and of course the Fight song is naturally followed by the Death Song I've never really been a fan of some of Manson's Lyrics... but Love the Music so i just ignore the bits that bother me
  2. OOOLALA LMAO... I'd like to take her out for some cake sometime OK, OK Just having some fun... I'll behave now
  3. LMAO!!!! If that was how the song went... It would go GREAT WITH ALCOHOL!!!! No shady gas station with 'suspect' cupcakes... Just find a girl and head for the beach ROFLMAO The Music Video may no be very appropriate though
  4. I don't think he needs nerfing... I believe he is ok as is I have 3 defence wins against Martel in my log... vs Conrad.... yeah .... 0 zip nada I agree with you in part BUT Martel is not the ridiculous hero that's Conrads title He is dangerous... in the right hands. Dont forget you are probably top 1%... the next 20% never lose with him but cant 3* much and what about the other 80% ?? in a paid game.... for sure you fall behind... you get left behind but that way of thinking is not available here... I fairly sure ageX will be completed one day (short range towers, trebs resources etc)... that will be a further small nerf on him... In fact i think the only reason ageX was released half finished was to avoid economy upgrades in order to narrow the gap between new and maxed age9's... when enough of us are maxed the hard way then the economic upgrades will roll in so that others can catch up...and the maxed players will be able to build them then too but never see the benefit... We'll only offer more loot to further stimulate 'catch-up'
  5. Me Too!! Foo Fighters are awesome!! @skh812... This song can get you into trouble... LMAO... never play it with alcohol... Next thing you know you are in an overloaded car at a gas station at midnight buying cupcakes to go eat at the beach
  6. Thanks @Empress_Phasma Very cool of you!! Should do that again sometime So sorry I missed it I hope you realise how different the forum feels for me this morning!!! Kinda like theres a ray of sunshine coming in through the window... and the birds are chattering outside... lol... But i think the warm fuzzy feeling will disappear when I get my daily visit from Conrad You didn't really give anything away... lol... but I (and everybody else i'm sure) feel a lot less ignored than a week ago!!! ...... And that's really nice!! Was good to see @Robeyone here too. I realise that the forum is a tiny group of players BUT our views, gripes and ideas are born in our alliances and are pretty representative of a much wider group. Looking forward to the 2 small features... I think the biggest problem with battle chests was that they fell short of expectation... not that theres anything fundamentally wrong with them... At least "2 small features" cant disappoint!! because we know not to expect much... While on the subject of battle chests.. can they allow further speeding (by click or tap) of the animation on the tic-tac-toe screen... I find the amount of pomp and ceremony to open a brown chest quite annoying
  7. Very cool!! Looking forward to episode3!!
  8. I love how neatly you placed all the civ flags with their statues What a beautiful welcome for my victorious invading army You're Lucky your PL is too low for me to find you...
  9. HAHA I've opened every significant chest that i've been shown (1 the entire time the patch has been out, rest all brown and silver), checked every day... So when i find those lucky sods with 3 or 4 honour items neatly placed for all to see I make sure to exact my jealous revenge Does that make me a bad person??
  10. Fair enough Thank you for saying it the way you see it... That means a lot... As far as alliance search... Yes I'm certain nobody just quits on the spur of the moment because it doesn't work BUT... I've spent a lot of time combing through zombie alliances in the past rescuing lost souls... There are so many... Alliances are one of the things that makes this game great, just ask anybody who is in a good one A failed alliance search results in new players getting themselves into dead or faltering alliances and that makes them much less likely to stick around... A friendly greeting and a bit of help can make all the difference while a new player is busy getting a feel for the game... I can say for certain that if it wasn't for all the people along the way i'd have become bored with the game long ago.
  11. What you say is true... at least in part anyway. It is perhaps time for many of us to retire... So many already have... But that's truly sad if you think how much they have put into the game... i've known so many who have done so much for the game... made it better for everybody who has played with them... Seen good times and had a lot of fun in chat... Thats why i try to not be too harsh on the game... it has after all given me many hours of entertainment... I'd never call it rubbish... It's awesome and i'll defend that to the end... but not perfect... Any complaint or gripe i have is for love of the game not in malice... I want to see it get better not fade away... The thing is... THEY DON'T WANT A DIFFERENT GAME!! THAY WANT THIS ONE... JUST BETTER.. lol... that's why they're still here complaining and there is a lot of truth and many great ideas and suggestions here.... not only complaints... devs would be wise to listen and take note of them If anybody ever asked me... CoC, AoE or what game in this genre they should play... I'd tell them this is the place to be... after all... I've been around and settled here and would do it again even knowing all that i know... That's probably a good test... No regrets from me... I'd do it all again.
  12. HAHAHAHA!!! HAHAHAHA!!! So that's where you guys get your data.... GO FIGURE!!! I'm really sorry... but you kinda walked right int that one... PS if you go through these forums i promise you that there are more useful ideas here than you can find in anybody's rear end...
  13. Maybe he saw the big news about the awesome new battle chests feature... LMAO Logged in to check it out... Saw it was a pile of horse ______ and logged out agian Sorry if that sounds harsh... but i don't see the point in sugar coating it... I was really chuffed to get my country flag. Having asked for it a couple of times, to me it showed that the devs do indeed hear our requests and consider them BUT.... the rest of that patch was garbage... unfortunately there is no nice way to say it. For the game's sake I hope that the Android release is well supported and goes smoothly and I hope that afterwards the design team looks at what the players WANT instead of making up some nonsensical stuff (who said battle chests) and expecting player buy-in... All that they need to do is open the survey thread " [Unofficial Poll] Universally requested small changes to existingcontent " The job has been done for them... I can't believe that they would release on Android without first fixing the alliance search function!!!! IT IS A NIGHTMARE!!! NEW PLAYERS WILL BE JOINING ZOMBIE ALLIANCES AND QUITTING THE GAME AS A RESULT!!! @Empress_Phasma (sorry to ping you...but it does seem that you are the only one who listens). This holds no benefit for me, i just want to see it made better... I already know how to navigate between alliances.... so i can be 100% objective when i say it needs a revamp because it is destroying the game... It makes the game look sloppy and abandoned to new players... the worst first impression that can be made EDIT : After just reading through the forum i see @Robeyone was here.... lol... that invalidates a little of what i said above but i will leave it as i originally wrote it anyway!! To re-iterate. PLEASE FIX THE ALLIANCE SEARCH!! no amount of studying "back-end data" can find the PRACTICAL EXHASPERATION EXPERIENCED BY NEW PLAYERS!!!
  14. It's not that low!!! I find that doing 6 full battles a session and taking all the tributes on the way usually gets you gold in a chest at least once... The jackpots are rare though It is easier to track if you don't spend it... go on a scrooge for a week then count up your earnings. you may be quite surprised