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  1. I started adopting the same approach. Less stress and more fun! What do u really achieve by amassing crowns? A little ego boost for a few minutes and a few Pat's on the back. I doubt anyone is picking up chicks by bragging about their crown count lol!!!
  2. Can you translate into English please?
  3. Good post Ant
  4. Right on brother! It's all about trying to get us to buy gold so we can do multiple battles in a row before getting attacked again. But try to revenge and any decent crown target is "hiding" by staying online for 8 hrs.
  5. It's definitely too long. I got a lot of shade from ppl in another forum (partly bc I made the mistake of referring to ppl who stay online as cheaters) who feel strongly that a long bucket time is good. But that only works if u have the time to keep the game online for 8 hrs at a stretch. sinply pushing a space bar or refreshing a screen doesn't seem like "strategy" or war gaming to me.
  6. Very nice Clyder. I too would prob stay online if I had the time.
  7. Is power level quantifiable or just a general concept of how much stuff has been upgraded?
  8. Hey chuggles, do u use imgur on an iPhone? I'm not seeing a + sign. Not quite sure how to get rolling. Thanks!
  9. Kind of off topic but... Go Penn State!!!
  10. So many options! I'll be posting in no time lol. Thanks everyone!!
  11. Thank u! I'll try it
  12. A little late but... Say, how do I post a pic?
  13. I'll definitely check out some replays, maybe while I'm crashing on the sofa post-turkey Happy Thanksgiving to all!!
  14. Happy thanksgiving, even to those who bashed me lol Good to see such passionate players.
  15. Those sound like great tactics. I'll give them a whirl after I deploy my current army. Btw I never found onagers too useful but maybe in larger groups they'll work out better. Whats ur game tag? I'll take a peek at some of ur attacks.