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  1. Hey!! You're the one posting pics of Treasure Hunter tooting his own horn. I'm not asking where you guys were when you got it.
  2. Good point......finally.
  3. Is he Tooting a hollowed out carrot??? Awesome job TH!
  4. Don't you love it when a patch delivers much more than expected.
  5. See ya!! Safe travels!! Toodles!! Adios! Don't let the door....!! BTW- Some of us like the changes.
  6. SmackDown=smashdown (just like one better). If you can attack someone through revenge, you can change your troops after the revenge before you use the smashdown.
  7. We were speculating that perhaps someone nexted past your layout. Maybe someone using advanced scouting. Pure speculation at this point.
  8. One small extra note; On my lowest Age account I was able to get in a revenge before my SmackDown® . I was then able to select the troops and heroes I wanted for the SmackDown® .
  9. You are stuck with the troops you have trained, but most of the Smashdown battles are easy enough to win. So a few raiders and RoM precooked would be good to take Sviat out for a little fun. For Rurik I should have enough Champs, Teuts and Gren to practice a few techniques.
  10. Since I don't need the resources as much, I'm going to use these as practice for my lesser heros too. Maybe I can actually use Rurik.
  11. Soon™ (I hope)
  12. Absolutely awesome!!!!!!!!!! A long time back someone called me snotty when I said patch 1.24 was going to be the best patch ever. Although that still might be true, it will be tough to compete with this one. 1.24?? 1.23?? I should at least get credit for being close over a year ago.
  13. Guilty on my first account. My second account I just wasted the troops for a no-hero 100%. Still don't want to personally confirm that you don't lose crowns.
  14. Look for a Tribute (a Keep all by itself). It will cost a lot of food and take a lot of time, but it's possible. If not, find a castle with a huge amount of crowns. It will limit what you lose.
  15. soon™ I saw early March, but I don't recall a year.