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  1. Dude, My sympathies. I can think of four or five forms of affection where, at best, you only see the top of your partner's head.
  2. You really need to read it for yourself to get the full view. All I'll say is I hope the Sunday sermon today was about forgiveness and turning the other cheek.
  3. Wasn't so much a shot as a way to let you know that their is a real possibility that the person you were slamming was upset to the point of tears. You call it drama, I call it sincere. And maybe a way to ask if you are 100% sure you are correct in your assessment and not a victim of a unfortunate misunderstanding.
  4. I'm sorry. I'll try harder. I only have one person on my "ignore user" list (hence no PMs), but I still get in trouble everytime I get curious enough to look at a post. Sorry again.
  5. Sorry, I missed this point before. In my defense, it was a lot to read. Just because the Church controlled the "scientific establishment" at the time, doesn't mean it was sound science. Just because we have had solid advancements over the ages, doesn't mean we are using sound science today. Humanity takes widely held beliefs on something and deems them as facts (rightly or wrongly), but the bar is pushed and advancements are made by people working outside those "facts". MM- This is a matter of perspective. If you are actively trying to grow and hold crowns, yes, I believe it is generally accepted that MM is unfair. If you are sniping or don't give a hoot about crowns, I'm sure you see it differently. Again, what is the purpose of leagues and leader boards if it isn't to battle, win, and grow crowns? If being #1 is not a player's goal, he will never see the unfairness in MM, just like a person that considers the earth the center of the universe won't see the bigger, rounder picture.
  6. I'll bet you don't use Twitter. It's tough for me to imagine you expressing a thought in 140 characters. Oh, and I said the song was about you, along with that post because I am honest, never intended any of the others at you, and because it seems like you were wanting me to do it by goading me on. Seriously, I'm not sure what make you so paranoid, but Chill.
  7. EDufe Dude, I'd buy you a mirror for the holidays, but something tells me you have enough. Not everything posted is about you. Infinitely less than it appears you think. Not everything in this forum needs you jumping to a contrarian viewpoint. I would try to say that the following isn't directed towards you, but I'd be lying. IMO- I guess this song is about you.
  8. Mud wrestling can be fun!!!
  9. If you haven't noticed, I have tried really hard recently to not respond or "take the bait", even to the point of being accused of being your friend. I appreciate that you have considered my point that you dissect miniscule points in others' arguments as sport, but please also recognize that you aren't the only one that does that, and that my words weren't directed at you solely; hence the general reference and not a specific person. Let's use the MM example; A new guy to the forum has teammates that are upset about being attacked by Age X and voices the opinion that it should be changed. Perhaps he could have phrased it better, but do we really need to devolve into a debate over what is "fact" and what is "opinion"? In my eyes, a fact is just a generally accepted opinion. At one point it was a fact that the Earth was flat. Just give that a little time to sink in, or just let it lay. You think MM is fine the way it is and that others are just "complaining" about things that won't or shouldn't change. Simply say exactly that and not much more. I could point to a thread by a certain someone that went on for pages and got quite nasty over a few pennies in gold a day as a thread by an irate poster that was over the top and beyond the pale. At the very least the poster should have known to have taken a different tone, but he didn't. I posted once or twice trying to say it was a small problem that didn't amount to much, but he was having none of it. Civility goes out the window when people talk past each other, but forum history has taught us that some people refuse to change.
  10. You have the biggest heart I know of (my doctor says mine is only slightly enlarged lol). I just worry that being that open will get you hurt. ** Note to an old alliance mate of Wulf. I may not have all the details about your fight, but I talk to Wulf at least an hour a week and I have never heard her say an unkind word about you. I have heard tons of "best player", "nice person" etc. Right back at ya!!!
  11. Wulf, Sorry, it doesn't seem to be working even in this thread. And unfortunately it won't work unless everyone makes an effort and ignores some community members' peculiarities. A few people will, instead of just offering their perspective, dissect every little thing about someone else's opinion. It's fine to offer contradictory views, but there are occasions where it appears to be a sport to beat someone else up over the most trivial points in another's post. I tried to illustrate some real disparities in Age X to Age X MM to advance the conversation on that thread, but some thought I was trying to pick a fight. Thankfully the thread originator understood I was just debating the merits and trying to drill down to solutions that might work for everyone. Remember debate club in school? Only a select few didn't let their emotions get the best of them or vilify the opposing side in the debate. I find a few people have such short fuses that anything I say is always viewed as a personal attack on them, even though it isn't. Unless everyone wants to make an effort and let bygones be bygones, it will always be a lost cause.
  12. That's why they look like the attacks of a drunken dock worker!!!! lol
  13. Etiquette Police!!!