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  1. Hi, Have you checked your screen resolution? If it is smaller than 960 x 600, then you cannot play the game. Try moving it to over 960 x 600. And if the current size is the limit, then I'm sorry, your monitor cannot be used for Age of Empires II. It's either you want to get yourself a new monitor, or see if you have other monitors which can reach higher resolutions.
  2. But this new one discriminates the rights of those who don't have Facebook or Twitter accounts to participate. Why don't they make it Facebook, Twitter, and forums instead. I think that will be better.
  3. Hmm..... These are supposed to only exist in Treaty games where the boxes surround our town, and it means that we cannot build buildings outside the boxes (correct me if I am wrong). But they are not supposed to appear at random places. Have you tried asking this at the Steam Community Support page? They might answer you there...
  4. Is it like freeze forever, or does it freeze for less than a second, then it moves, and then it freezes again after less than a second for less than a second and so on? As in unsmooth? Just to make sure what is happening....
  5. Hi, sorry but you're posting on the wrong forum category. I'm reporting this to the VCMs rightaway so you'll get your answer....
  6. Attacks, and defence replays? Errr..... That's Castle Siege dude....
  7. YES!!!! This is epic, an awesome feature and amazing new honours. Aaaaand, this wasn't copied from CoC ^^ But where's the Malaysian flag? Ian Addrian, a Malaysian Castle Siege player once became the number one player of CS for a whole week. He was invited to PM multiple times and he was even featured in the Replay of the Week. And the biggest Malaysian clan ever was in the top 5 clans of CS for like a long time before they fell after their main players resigned from CS. And Malaysia as in the country, is better than a lot of other countries (no offence) which have their flags included in the Flag list of CS, according to the United Nations' Human Development Report. (Dark green=good - Dark red=bad - Grey=Data unavailable) So why don't we have our flags yet? Congratulations on getting your flag included ^^
  8. Yay! Thanks ^^
  9. Hi, Have you tried going to the Steam Community Support page instead? The Age of Empires II Support Team here no longer exist (as far as we know). Maybe you will get your answer there.
  10. I'll tell the VCMs to move this to Castle Siege...
  11. So is @cupEcakeplays going to replace Joe in Wololo Wednesday? Or is she going to do something else?
  12. Welome to the Age of Empires team, @cupEcakeplays! We are very happy to have you with us and we hope that you will be able to make this place better.
  13. Hi there! The LAN feature has been added. Here's an instructional article about it: https://www.ageofempires.com/news/2017/01/26/how-to-host-a-lan-game-in-aoe-ii-hd/
  14. True that. We must remain calm and think positively. Maybe they're doing this so they can give us 10 prizes each