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  1. Hi, Are you talking about Age of Empires 1 or 2? If you are talking about 1, then sorry but the game is discontinued and as far as I know, we don't have the support team for that anymore. But there may be some people who know what to do and all that, so you might want to wait. If you are talking about 2, then you'll just have to wait as well. Or to simplify my answer here, if you are here for Age of Empires 1, be prepared to not receive any reply. Sorry...
  2. What about Android!? ^^ I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!
  3. -adopted from a video by BRoman Studios (video embedded below)- We might be familiar with playing scenarios with those custom names we want, instead of the historical leaders' name. Instead of having Sang Nila Utama as our enemy, we have an Emp. Ahmad to defeat. But how do we take this all the way to the Standard game? Aside from changing the names that are in the string text file, you can do this easily, especially if you're afraid you might do something wrong that will break the game. 1. All you need to do is simply create a scenario with the customised names, and then save it. 2. Play and win the scenario in a standard game. 3. You're done, your enemies or allies now have your custom names. This is very easy compared to changing the string file, except if you want the names to change. And this way, the names will remain there even if you change the civilisations, except if you want a bit of variety. - "I have changed the names and now I want to revert them back to the original historical figures names. How do I do that?" Well, it is simple. It's practically what you did when changing the names. Simply create, play, and win a scenario that has no customised names. That's all (This trick has been tested on four different computers, it works!) (Thanks to Brendan from BRoman Studios for sharing this trick) Original Video:
  4. We can have Malays like AoE II ^^ Karambit Warrior is a good unique unit, but if we want to make it different from AoE II, we can have something to do with the Keris instead I guess. Anyway, that probably won't happen, but I think the best is like people always say, the Asian pact. Chinese and Japanese will be good. The Samurai will be quite strong I think, and so is the Chu Ko Nu. Now just for the fun of it, back to the Malays, the heroes (I think) must have Gajah Mada since he plays a big role in the Majapahit Empire according to AoE II. I would love to see a hero with an awesome ability. I think we should also have Parameswara, and probably some awesome legendary war leader from the Malay empires. Healing ability will be interesting I must say, so when we activate it it will heal all its surrounding units for a duration of I don't know how much seconds. One of the heroes can come in a form of a bombard cannon, and it makes siege weapons around it stronger in both HP and Damage. I don't know, just giving out suggestions.
  5. WHAT!?!?!?!!? NOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Who replaced her though?
  6. (sorry if this is answered but I am just asking) It is said that the Android version of CS will be released somewhere in early March. We're about to reach April and we still don't have it... @Empress_Phasma When is it going to be released?
  7. (Entschuldigung für mein schlecht Deutsch) Hallo, Geht zum Steam Community Support bitte, (sie sprechen Deutsch). Danke,
  8. This, I suggest you to go head over to the Steam Community Support page, over there they might be able to help you, I hope. When a scenario is made, it has set everything from the map of the scenario, all the way to the number of players. So to change the number of players, you must change it in the scenario itself (unless if there is another way which I don't know). If you are like me, you'll probably create seven different versions of the scenario, one for one other player, one for two other players, etc..
  9. Hi, This is because you selected All Techs in the scenario. When you have All Techs active, all civ bonuses are removed. So Civilisations do not mean anything in All Techs, except for their unique units. Not even unique techs can be researched. So all you have to do is just untick All Techs before playing, and it should work. Hope this helps.
  10. Aah, I see... This is because the app 'crashes'. The image freezes, and the sound of one, I don't know millisecond? is played repeatedly. This is the computer's problem, I usually face it when I haven't shut it down for a long time. So since you get it so regularly, it's probably because your computer's memory is full, your computer is slow/old, or because the game is not compatible with the computer. From the looks of it, I think it's more to your computer's memory, yes? Or else, you can try reinstalling both AoE II and Steam. If this doesn't help, then you might want to try to go to the Steam Community Support page since there are a lot of technical experts there who should know the solution to this. I hope this helps,
  11. Then it means it's the resolution... Hmm... Hold on, be back soon... Right, as expected, 1366x768 is a bit too small for Age of Empires II HD. I tried that resolution using my 23.5 inch screen and all I can see is practically just the town center and some tiles around it. If your computer and go to a higher resolution, I suggest you doing that (e.g. from 1366x768 to 1920x1080). But if you cannot, then try going to the Steam Community Support page, they might be able to help you there. Or else, it's just impossible and you'll just have to play like that (like how my father has to play AoE on a small screen that has a super high resolution and things are extremely small).
  12. Is it zoomed in like, you cannot see the outer parts like resources, worldmap, taskbar, etc., or is it like everything is big and crammed into one screen?
  13. Hi, Have you checked your screen resolution? If it is smaller than 960 x 600, then you cannot play the game. Try moving it to over 960 x 600. And if the current size is the limit, then I'm sorry, your monitor cannot be used for Age of Empires II. It's either you want to get yourself a new monitor, or see if you have other monitors which can reach higher resolutions.
  14. But this new one discriminates the rights of those who don't have Facebook or Twitter accounts to participate. Why don't they make it Facebook, Twitter, and forums instead. I think that will be better.