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  1. Reminds me of the floating crossbowman from the April 2015 Wololo Wednesday contest... Crossbowman sitting/standing on/beside the wall of the wonder/cathedral at the top left corner
  2. Well I'll start by answering the last question. No you don't need to. Even if you just have the base game and no DLCs, when playing Multiplayer you can play all the civs from the three expansions. But, you are limited to a certain civilisation. You can only play on civilisation of each expansion, depending on the host of the game. For example, the civilisations allowed for Rise of the Rajas if I host a game will be Khmer (sadly, I wanted the Malays at the time I don't have the expansion yet. Now I do ^^). But maybe if you host it, it will be the Malays. I have always met people with Burmese allowed, I met some with Malays allowed, but I have never met anyone with Vietnamese, so when I didn't have the expansion yet, I never played as the Vietnamese. Anyway, that's the answer to that question. About matchmaking system, not really. You can choose to play in which game room you want to. For example, if I host a game room, you can enter my game room, even if you are stronger or weaker than I am. And same goes to when you host a game. People who are weaker or stronger than you are can always join your game. Answering the trouble in finding games, well no. Maybe it's hard if you look in some perspective. For example, someone hosts a game for the continent Asia, and I want to join since I am a Malaysian. But because of my name Ahmad, they think that I am somewhere from the middle east and I got kicked out. It happened. Twice. Other than that, there is should be no problem. And about lag, well......... yes. Lagging happens quite frequently unfortunately. But sometimes it doesn't, so depends on your luck. Only around 38% (probably not, very rough estimation) of the games I played didn't face any lagging. It's not that bad. But once it lags, it lags badly. Hope I answered your question, feel free to ask some more if you need to know about whatever problem you are facing...
  3. Hi, Firstly, you're on the wrong topic; you should be posting this on the Age of Empires: Castle Siege support page. Secondly, if you are using Age of Empires: Castle Siege on Android or on Windows Phone, you have to make friends on Xbox (look for the user's gamertag and be friends). Automatically and probably instantly, you will see your friend there in the CS friends list. If you are using an iPhone, then umm, I can't answer that. Need someone who uses iOS to answer this since I never had an iPhone. Anyway, I hope this helps you. I have informed the mods to move this to the CS page. Have a good day,
  4. (posting this unofficially on behalf of the AoE Team who didn't post this here on the forums) Hi All! Patch 5.3 has left open beta, and is now live for all players! Thanks to all who participated in this open beta; we really appreciate your patience, and your input has been essential to ensuring this build is ready for live release! We’ll post a new announcement here when the open beta for Patch 5.4 has begun, so keep your eyes peeled! As always, we will continue to monitor the forums and we look forward to hearing your feedback in this discussion thread! Below are the issues that have been addressed in this 5.3 update: Improved Network Speeds: Removed the added network delay on game start Tuned the calculations involving network speed granularity to address the issue players were seeing where the game felt too fast or too slow. Lowered the minimum command delay to allow max performance on faster machines Improved the throttling system to allow for faster network speeds (where applicable) In game ping/lag icons have been updated to appear in the correct situations Yellow ping circles appear for players above 200ms ping Red ping circles appear for players above 400mp ping (previously 700ms) Turtle icons appear for each player that cannot maintain 90% of the simulation frame rate (previously only showed for the slowest player) Community Focused Bug Fixes: Repeatedly pressing hot keys during loading screens will no longer crash Using standard AI and the original dataset will no longer randomly crash Removing a unit from a queue should no longer randomly crash Spectators opening the tech tree in the game lobby should no longer crash Repeatedly loading into treaty mode games will no longer crash Monk tool tip should no longer crash in Russian localization Saving during a game should no longer cause a desync when watching the replay Unit selection circles now behave correctly when unloading transport ships Line of site circles should now correctly follow units (in rare cases they would be misaligned) Villagers should no longer stop and attack wolves (ordering a move command will now take priority so users can move villagers if desired) Player units should be less likely to get stuck in forests or teleport through walls Full Random should no longer select maps that players do not own Rise of Rajas main menu music should now randomly be selected Custom campaigns should now unlock in order rather that always being unlocked by default Custom campaign instruction images should now display correctly Custom campaign instruction scrollbar should now display correctly and not hide text Loading a saved campaign file and completing the scenario should now correctly unlock the next scenario Community Focused AI Improvements: AI Huns housing bonus should now function correctly with the original dataset AI pathing around walls and gates is improved to avoid teleporting through them AI should now attack correctly and no longer freeze during a game AI improvements when sn-enable-patrol-attack set to 1 Soldiers should no longer get stuck in animation loops Soldiers should now attack the wonder correctly Villagers should now respond to weak units attacking Villagers should now attack towers correctly inside town-size Campaign Fixes: Saladin 2 trade carts now travel to the correct market Dracula 4 should now advance correctly after completing the first objective Dracula 4 no longer gets stuck due to an issue with the AI monk during the cinematic Sforza 1 should now reward soldiers after completing the correct objective Sforza 3 now has a clearing visual path to the monastery Sforza 3 has improved resign logic so you should no longer have to destroy every pavilion Dos Pilas triggers should now behave correctly Prithviraj 2 should now finish correctly even if purple is the last to go Sundjata 4 should now complete the rescue princess objective correctly Sundjata 5 should now be easier Yodit 2 AI should now function and attack correctly Yodit 3 triggers should now function correctly when Dagnajan reaches the pass Yodit 3 ending dialogue should now appear correctly Yodit 3 cyan AI should not be easier to defeat Yodit 4 should now complete the appropriate quest when conquering all nearby tribes Yodit 4 Stelae should all provide resources now Yodit 4 Stelae should now correctly change ownership to the AI when they’re next to it Yodit 5 no longer triggers two petard triggers Le Loi 5 AI should now attack correctly Bayinnaung 1 cinematics should now appear correctly Balance Improvements: Malay cheaper fishing ship cost removed Malay Battle elephants 25% cheaper (rather than 20%) Malay age up bonus decreased from 100% to 80% Elite Rattan Archers +1 bonus attack vs infantry removed Elite Camel Archers +1 bonus attack vs infantry removed Elite Karambit warrior pierce armor reduced from 2 to 1 Arquebus speed modifier on bombard cannons and bombard towers removed Harbors reload time increased from 2.5s to 3s Harbors HP reduced from 2200 to 2000 (docks are 1800) Elite Arambai search radius increased by 2 (so they target easier) P.S. I know this is not the community manager you are used to seeing post updates. No, you’re not going crazy, I’m new! My name is Jenn, and I am a new community manager here on the Microsoft Studios team. I’ll be doing my best to respond to all of your feedback and questions on our forums, and across our social channels! Please let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to getting to know the Age of Empires community! Thanks for reading, -Jenn
  5. Oh my fluffiness, I thought its only at the watch signals! I only hunt them there! Got 13 though as of 16/04/17 ^^
  6. Hi, The official tech support team for Age of Empires II on this specific forum no longer exist. You might want to go to the Steam Support page instead, they may be able to help you with this problem. Or else you can always try to reinstall AoE II, see if it works or not. If it doesn't, then I recommend you to proceed to the Steam Support page. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this problem. Thanks
  7. They are not magic and superpowers. If you are referring to the heroes, they do what people do. If you want to say Joan's convert is magical, then Monk's convert is magical as well. Richard inspires people, and yes we can inspire people. Saladin's awesome fireball, yes we have fire covered boulders that is used in sieges. Undermine, is possible. Ransack, is well, ransack. I don't see anything magical in Castle Siege. Castle Siege is the best mobile game I have ever played in my whole life (as of 13th April 2017). It is based on historical stuff like historical campaigns, historical heroes, historical weapons, and last but not the least, non-historical connection errors
  8. Not that I cannot insert it, but I cannot make an imaged signature as my signature. I did, copy and paste it. But it does not allow me to set it as my signature...
  9. What? I got two today, one yesterday, one the day before, and two the day before that, and two on the first day I hunted for it... And today, I got them consecutively. I went to CS to collect resources, and then I tried to capture a spy. Yay! Got one! And then I forgot to request for donation. So I reopened it and clicked the watch signal and BOOM! I got another! That is 24 golds in around 1 minute....
  10. ^ | EXACTLY!!!
  11. Not sure about Saiful but I am from Malaysia. But we practically share the same language with some different words. From time to time, we take some words from each others' dictionary. And yes, sama-sama is You're welcome. But from what I know, it is not thank you, but maybe some people use it that way, I don't know. Nice that you noticed this ^^
  12. I thought that it was because I captured the 7th spy. For a moment there I though that it will increase by 6 after reaching a certain number (e.g. 15th = 18, 30th = 24, etc.). Well, I guess I should be capturing more spies while we have this Spring Sale here...
  13. Level 4. Once it reaches level 4, it changes its name and weapon making it a Cannon Tower. Keep on playing and you'll get to unlock the awesome defense building ^^
  14. Sama-sama ^^
  15. Hello Saiful, Untuk buat gate, pertama kali mesti ada Wall/dinding. Lepas itu kita letak Road/jalan di tempat kita nak letak jalan tu, tak termasuk di dinding tu. Lepas tu kita tekan dinding yang nak dijadikan sebagai gate tu dan tekan Convert to Gate. Terima kasih kerana menanya, kalau ada soalan lain, boleh tanya sahaja. Saya boleh cakap dalam bahasa Melayu/Indonesia...