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  1. TOOT TOOT TH the Great
  2. good idea bailey but your always late
  3. Great patch I was about to give up on this game the new replay feature is GREAT we want to do it more. Now if you could only make crowns worth something you would keep more playing and buying gold
  4. hmmmm blindfolds how about earmuffs?
  5. Last night was a lot of fun doing the replays, I learned my lesson though to always check the players log to see what hero's your stuck with. I went in and found I had Joan,Salad didn't end to good. But I got lucky that Andy did 1 a little later that was much worse to take the heat off me
  6. Before posting your replay tell Mali to shut up
  7. I have some prob my chat disappears but I havnt seen what I posted or anything else in chat for 8 minutes and a lot of us are chatting
  8. Only way is to hit the attack button, don't worry they will be deconstructed real quick
  9. Gods of Plunder we had a couple mergers over the years with others and had to change the name for all but ya it is a Good ol Party sometimes
  10. We think he quit playing pretty sure it was 14 or so days since his last attack and he didn't say anything so we had to cut him lose
  11. You guys don't really expect them to fix this do you? Since leagues started there has always been a few alliance's that don't even get to compete. Seems everything said in here just goes on deaf ears, I don't expect anything that way I'm not disappointed anymore.
  12. you would never last do you know how long and how many points it took to learn were the line is not to be crossed I still put my toe on it sometimes
  13. Well I'm not pleased
  14. Hey quit being mean to me
  15. Ya its a circus in there now and no circus is complete without a CLOWN