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  1. yep you and Shazzy 2 peas in a pod
  2. you didn't need to add "probably"
  3. i think most of the bad apples are gone now
  4. Once again you are spot on Pal And I think the last patch was the ONLY patch in several months that mattered any
  5. I was just bored and didn't want to do another rant It is spring here for me now so I'm sure a lot of US players will find other things to do now. No point in attacking if you don't need to upgrade. And not to many alliances are even trying to get much to compete against
  6. guess some of the high count posters have quit the game? Or finally realized that posting anything to make the game better goes on deaf ears?
  7. Even my easy to beat and get 80% or more turtle has 20 wins in def logs now the thing is I don't have any crowns so not that many good attackers try me
  8. Shaz has learned from the best players in the game so you should listen to her some might even call them ELITE
  9. OH NOOOOO not the clown treatment that would be to brutal and really hard to teach them correctly of the puppet ways
  10. LOL yep it was very fun to watch that
  11. hmmmmmm -------------_________---------------
  12. I don't know how anything new they put in the game is bad? I think its great
  13. Even back in the time we was upgrading the build time was always the biggest factor of not upgrading sooner. I have to believe that there are a lot of age 7 players maxed on resources waiting on builds.
  14. It appears the devs are doing as much as they can to get others to level up, why don't you just give them 1 extra builder for a boost? I don't think gathering resources is a prob but the wait is terrible after age 6 to get anything done.
  15. you didn't say how many def wins you have.