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  1. Scary huh, when someone puts shoes in front of you and asks you to see if they fit? What if they do? Flee, freeze, fight? Nice weekend folks, happy sieging.
  2. I think it's a meh kind of abrasive name. I generally find irony funny. This name doesn't fall in the category, at all. As a name, it's not nearly abrasive enough to be funny actually, it's not over the top which is where you enter humor territory. WhipMyButtocksLand would be funnier. No, don't name your alliance that. As a game dev, I'd change code just to get this name to disappear from the top of the list. So it's not the name that has the irony for me, the true irony for me is in it's persistant top spotlight. And yes, it makes me smirk.
  3. Thank you! It was fun indeed! Oh and oh man, @The Stranger, you missed it all! I bet you had some questions ready...
  4. That's the "cool" emote ... what does it mean? All the guys want to know by now, look:
  5. Ask Me Anything Wow.. Empress is -fast- today!
  6. All those pennants some of us have been saving up, and have no use for right now. Are we going to find new use for them ... soon?
  7. Anything new on the March update feature coming with the Android release?
  8. You need patience ... and a group hug?
  9. When do we get .... Oh wait, never mind So .... @Empress_Phasma,
  10. https://www.ageofempires.com/news/2017/02/23/idle-villagers-episodes-1-2/ For everyone that didn't get a chance to see these yet, follow the link, they're fun! And it does make you wonder anew at the kind of conversations that go on between those pairs of brave soldiers that walk around our castle all the time.... What goes on in their minds?
  11. This contest works like a win-win. We get a chance at a nice price, they get broader social media attention (retweeting, likes). It makes sense. They -could- hold a contest on the forum as well though, I think that's a neat idea. Not all forumites use twitter/FB, and most of all we're expecting a boatload of new players for AoE:CS (Android), what better way to point them to this forum, than by using a contest?
  12. I never got that survey. I bet that's because they already had my opinion there, there, and there, oh and there too.
  13. Let's assume the playerbase is tripled - it's a big pool they're fishing in now! Population statistics would mean a lot of the lower agers would be matched against eachother, with the occasional rare higher ager barging in. Suddenly this issue is solved, because there's a lot more same age castles, first time players, in your matchmaker. Also new players are a prime source of crown growth. They'll grown them like mad, they'll trickle up, and make the matchmaking pool for even the staunchest crownhunters richer. It'll make the game better. On many levels. It'll be like
  14. " These castles can meet in matchmaking, but only just, definitely not the same powerlevel, but juuuust close enough to meet." Means exactly what it says. Castles are obviously not the same powerlevel, but they're still close enough to meet in matchmaking, even if their spread is likely at the outer limits of what the matchmaking algorithm allows. It's not up to me to call this fair or unfair. It's the rule the devs devised, and it follows that rule, so it is by definition fair. Do I find it unreasonable? No, because there are multiple strategies to get out of the little foxhole, and any veteran player in your alliance can help you. Still some players look to be failing to grasp the consequences of their ingame choices for their powerlevel and run into situations that are unenjoyable to them. The game offers very little explanation, and the only warning signs they get is progressively harder targets in matchmaking. And the most likely effect of that would be these players naturally focussing on army upgrades to be able to face up the tougher castles, perhaps even age up, effectively one of the best strategies to get moving forward in this situation. So perhaps this works itself out intuitively? I'd not be surprised when it does, most of the times. Still. We can all make assumptions, and share our personal experiences. But BigData - not forum feedback - can show the devs whether this is a factor on the greater scale of player population. The devs have the capacity of finding out at which age players quit the game. If there's an age VIII/IX stopping point that coincides with these players having an above average PL for their age, then bingo. Time to change the matchmaking algorithm? And do believe the devs watch this parameter closely. Remember the early age defense nerf? They're watching. They're learning. They're adjusting. They won't please everyone, they can't. But if this needs adjustment, it'll happen.