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  1. Ah, that's how they did it, they tied it up with Xbox Live! So we're all in the same pool indeed! And we're all playing the same version of the game too. Thanks for the info! This makes me very happy
  2. Which is why I intentionally did not link to a "real one", placing you in their position.
  3. I'm saying you have a choice in the matter. And how meaningful that choice is, does indeed depend on your style of play. It may be a painless choice, or a nasty dilemma, game/alliance wise. Having a choice is still vastly superior to having a fixed time that's always inconvenient to a great amount of people, because of timezones, schedules and RL. Oh I make use of it, and I'm not saddened by any means . Friday is my day off. So I can get 3 sieges in with a bonus rather than just 1 daily one. That'll amount to give or take half a wall upgrade, which is all there's left to upgrade on my near maxed castle. So yeah, I mainly see the benefit for the growing castles, for whom the bonus in food/wood is far greater in number. And since food/wood is how you grow your economy and army (stone is only for defence), that's what I do see as it's main use. I'm glad to see you see more in it. It's always interesting to see what other players do with new features. There have been many inventive players in the past, and there will be many more in the future. They see things others don't, use things in ways others won't, and sometimes they pave the way for a new "flavour of the month" strategy. As a gamer at heart, I can only applaud that.
  4. Could any of the Android players confirm that we're all pooled together, that you can see all of us older players, and we could possibly see you as well? Or that it's even possible to play your 'old' castle on Android? I'm quite curious about this.
  5. RL footage of people betatesting the new ws sound:
  6. LOL you noticed I've been crownhunting a bit? We've got a little alliance league competition going on (again!), and that's me having fun taking one for the team. The devs really would do well to make leagues more relevant for all the players, not just the participating part, but also the competing, it's good fun! But that's another thread LOL. I do next a lot indeed for the 40k+ stone. And as you do, I'm selective as well, usually only attacking the 40k+ stone targets when I think I can get most if not all of it. The smashdown battle is nice for endgame. Cheap stone and free key. I could get used to that on a daily basis. I bet it's sweet when you've still got wood and food to grow. It's a catch up mechanism. It's meant for the newer players, to help them catch up a bit to the big developed veterans.
  7. Combat hour occurs at the exact time you log on for the first time on the day that it's scheduled to happen, which is currently on Friday. So anyone experiencing Combat Hour in the middle of the night, has themselves to blame for it. Same with those that experience it happening right before they go to work. Combat hour is a nice catch up feature if you're growing a castle. And a nice stimulus to spend some gold.
  8. You didn't get the notice for next Saturday?
  9. Wooooot! Last thing I heard, AoE:CS works smooth as silk on Android devices! Having a smooth launch?! If you're really new to sieging, check this forum out, there's a wealth of knowledge here, and loads of veteran regulars willing to help (or moan and complain about some historic guy named Conrad and male goats , you'll get what I mean sooner or later) By all means make yourselves comfortable, you're in for a sweet long ride with this gem of a game!
  10. Never underestimate the power of an idea in other people's hands. Ask Albert Einstein how that went. Not that I'm comparing the conception of a Scottish flag in this game to that of the nuclear bomb. That would be hyperbole, and such a thing is unheard of in this forum For what it's worth, I'd love the Scottish flag in game. Those that don't know it, it's a neat flag, a classic:
  11. Do not underestimate Aardvark.
  12. Snipe for the stone you can easily get and bail out with 20%. Some cheap stone and a battle chest key. Good 'nuff. But yeah, unless there's more than 40k stone on offer I'm not going in full army. I think the devs might have underestimated our capacity to min-max.
  13. The devs? You know, those guys that will have a AMA next Saturday right here on this forum. I'm not talking Robeyone or Siege Wizard - well they'll likely be present - but the actual coders and designers. They didn't tell you about next Saturday? And how they're going to be totally transparent that day?