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  1. I wager Arc is busy with his university now. Wonder if he already grab a girlfriend for himself, hahaha!
  2. Nothing last forever... but once a Non, always a Non. It's a very old alliance, it is inevitable i guess, the Nons may have past it's days of glory, emperorship changed hands, but a few old guards are still alive and kicking. And some won't quit until they close the server, or his laptop got broken, buha ha ha! So, for the sake of old time... It's a whole new generation right now, their Keep young, brave and ambitious, and us old guards just watches over them.
  3. ​Warbenth! Been ages since last we heard from you! Really hope everything is fine and dandy with you buddy. Of course you are welcome to come back. Just watch out for an opening, or you can go straight join the "Nonexpendables2", me, Shawn, Emp, Arc to name a few are there, and many new friends as well.
  4. ​Suuuper! ...and digging for stones yet again, buha hahaha!
  5. Heya Stone, how u been?
  6. it seem we're all filled up. For those who missed the chance, watch out for us, we may have one or two openings soon, until then, to the walls men!
  7. ​Hear ye, hear ye, we have many openings at the moment, come grab your chance to be a part of Nacho and dog loving community, the Nonexpendables! ​
  8. Someone said nachos?
  9. ​No problem bud, All in a good spirit
  10. LOL!
  11. ​We have 3 openings now, come join us!