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  1. Try building Rams and putting some Hand Infantry in them to make them faster and cause more damage. Rams can take a beating when being hit with ranged weapons, just provide them some escorts for protection from melee attacks. If you need to, stop them and have your garrisoned infantry get out to surprise some fools. Then smash their Castles and buildings! Overall it sounds like you need to build some proper fortifications for safe operating bases. Look around for some land that has advantages defensively. High ground, cliff, water, forest protection etc. Then build your walls, Castles, and towers. Garrison some archers in your fortifications for enhanced protection. If they get crazy be sure to have some fast calvary to take out enemy siege equipment and some siege to take out enemy attacks. Another trick that I find useful is to send a small suicide squad to attack the enemy villagers somewhere away from their base. This opens up their base a bit usually for you to bring in your main attack army... and smash some enemy.