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  1. Dear AoM lover, If you arrived on this page out of curiosity I have great news for you. The modding community is actually not dead. (It's just not very big) Currently me and some old modding buddies are trying to get the remnants of the community together on discord. If you want to join, or just check it out, download discord (it's free) and get over here: As a little teaser, i'm currently working on getting importing and exporting scripts for blender, that I started on a long time ago to work again. Here is a pretty render made with Blender 3D of an Age of Mythology scene:
  2. And now even animation import is working. Here is another render from blender.



  3. Got static import scripts for Age of Mythology running. Here is a nice render with Blender 3D of an AoM scene with greek assets.