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  1. Any chance of increasing the mount of retry battles that you can share a day. right now its one every 24 hours if it was every 6 hours it would be a lot more fun thanks
  2. thanks I just thought it was permanent every time I skipped kept getting easy targets with no crowns. but have to say it does sound good. it will also help lower level player get attacked once in a while.
  3. hi all since the update I no longer am able to earn crowns by battling. i'm on age 10 and since the update the game is matching me with age 5 or 6 opponents with zero crowns up for grabs. please fix as soon as thanks.
  4. I finally got a revenge battle found a player with no PT as they had just had a battle 4 mins however they were still online. every minute for 35 mins I hit revenge and finally got it. I only got 1 star but came out with over 300 crowns. so it is possible to get them its just real hard.
  5. it wouldn't make that much difference to the pool. first of all the game will be available on android soon which means millions of more players along with the millions already playing. it would only make the revenge feature work as it is meant to. people are already exploiting it because revenge battles still work on low levels and if you were to stay on a low level you could use the revenges to exploit more crowns. in way like #Cleverly Cat#
  6. hope the dev recognise this as a problem as more and more people start to notice it.
  7. yeah 30mins might be too long and someone could exploit it but 15 or 10 minutes were only people that have you in the revenge list could attack you. it would make a big difference I might finally be able to get a revenge again.
  8. no sh*t Sherlock what part of "does not respond to commands" do you not understand. its been happening not just with me but others in my alliance too. it has been happening with other heroes not just the ones I stated before.
  9. I can't seem to ever get a revenge any more since going to age 10. people are more active at age 10 which means they are online and you only have a window of less then 5 mins to revenge or they get attacked and have a peace treaty for 12 hours. can the dev's make a half hour window for revenges before letting anyone else attack.
  10. Saladin seems to freeze and not respond to commands if used with Conrad for some reason it has happened twice so far. hope its an easy fix
  11. your right we are extremely proud of who we are and were we come from just like most people across the world. it wouldn't even be that hard for them to add the Irish flag as its based on the French flag which is already there.
  12. I wonder if it will be cross platform or if it will be a watered down version. I play on pc/laptop and can see touch control could be awkward the mouse is king.
  13. my alliance has won the knights league and that netted us 90 gold per player also I have just made it into the noble league which pays out 100 gold for 4th place or lower. leagues get a lot harder the higher up you go.
  14. anyone know when castle siege well be released for android
  15. yeah I was a bit harsh I was a bit harsh and their are a lot of flags that are not in the game however when the dev's add more flags will Ireland be on that list. small population means less people playing means they are less likely to do so. I would love to be wrong and hope I am. also I don't think discriminate because its not their I just think their marketing Dept see for example 20,000 people playing in Ireland and 2,000,000 playing in the UK so lets give out the uk flag.