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  1. In the year 2525.... if man is still alive...
  2. How many undocumented features are we up to now?
  3. Perhaps they meant *actual androids*, which may push this all the way to 2029.
  4. Just happened to me too. A single crossbowman was loitering. I tapped on him and he exploded into a shower of coins. What's amusing is that he exploded into far more than 6 gold. But I'll take it
  5. Me too :/
  6. It's true. All threads on the internet, given enough time, devolve into N A Z I s.
  7. *waiting intensifies*
  8. We have a time traveler, folks! Who wins the 2017 World Series? Asking for a friend.
  9. Let me buy consumable things with pennants. New types of troops, heroes, boosts, whatever. Any sort of pennant exchange. Oh can I add one more? Let me pick difficulty in matchmaking. Scale the bonus I get based on if I'm punching down or punching up.
  10. The behaviors that enable one to accumulate such a fortune do not include "set my money on fire and hope I can make even more from its ashes." Not that adding new civs to a game like Castle Siege is necessarily setting it on fire, but you'd have to be able to ensure at this point that it's worth the risk, that there's some pathway to making back more money than you spent on the new content. You can't just say "wow MS has a lot of money" and be grumpy that they're not throwing it at you. Or rather, I guess you can, but it's a bit silly.
  11. Depends on if it's actually being damaged. I'm not convinced
  12. It would be pure speculation though, and considering my background everyone would take it as somehow being an enlightened and informed opinion when, in fact, it would be worth less than a random hobo's opinion
  13. The "Keeper Emertius" title gives me zero clout. I even had my admin rights set on fire (by choice) to completely separate myself from the franchise. The Keeper Emeritus is all I've got left of my former life Adding new civs is expensive. A significant chunk of the budget went into creating the six civs we have now. That would be a much heavier update than adding a new age to existing civs. Plus you'd have the established players feeling a bit robbed, as they'd need to fork over money to change to a civ they may have wanted to start as. Lots of things to navigate there. I'd love for there to be more of the world represented than just western Europe, though. Especially since Age II, my favorite in the series, covered the entire globe during that time period.
  14. I've noticed a decrease in engagement in general from Microsoft Studios staff in the past year. I have no idea why. I assume they all have the best intentions, but MS has always been pretty active within the Age community, at least since AoEO days, if not earlier. I've got no insight or context as to why, and will refrain from speculating I said I'd probably regret posting it as a header to that post... And honestly? No regrets. I prefer to err on the side of over communicating, warts and all.
  15. I'd give my left kidney for a batch of Asian civs.