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  1. Dang, someone broke Andy.
  2. I believe it's around 45 days now but it may have changed again.
  3. Could be cert prep. Could be battle chest adjustments. Could be azure OS required upgrades. Could be any/all of the above!
  4. I plead the fifth. And the twenty-seventh for good measure. Also, dishwasher seems to be fixed. They had to come replumb the entire sink drain disaster area. Should be good to go now. But I've still got that ark handy just in case...
  5. A man after my own tastes.
  6. We have Trajan to thank for kickstarting the Steam releases, and for righting the AoEO ship (albeit unfortunately too late, but you can't fault him for that). He gave a talk at GDC once about it. I'm sure someone can find the link. He came in and started rejuvenating the franchise after it'd sat a bit fallow over the years. He's a cool guy who now helps the world live better through holograms, and that's where I live now, too. The future is intangible laser doodads projected over your reality, and it is awesome. I drove the Age train from a production perspective during many of those years, primarily on Castle Siege but later on some of the Steam work. I got to steer the whole ship for a while, but then I, too, heard the siren song of holographic computing so now I also bask in the intangible laser future. I alas have no real insight to offer on anything that may or may not be going on with the game or the franchise anymore, as I'm well outside the realm of gaming now. But it's neat to watch from over here and have the same perspective on things as the playerbase. It's hard to have context when you're in the forest for how the people living outside the forest see things. In other news, my dishwasher saga continues. It overflowed again because the new drain line they installed collapsed and water went everywhere. In theory it's fixed. Again. We'll see. I'm running it tonight and will have an ark on standby to rescue the kids and pets.
  7. This just speaks to my poor self control while on coffee breaks.
  8. Should probably be by design, but it's just coincidence.
  9. You can choose what civ pennants you burn each day, and that determines the color of the flames.
  10. In theory pennants are really difficult to get for certain stretches of the game. But they accelerate toward useless faster than any other resource. Once you're over the Hero Hump™, there's nothing left to do with them. My dream is some sort of huge pennant sink in the form of purchasing boosts, upgrades, consumable items.... like that bonfire honor item. Something that could be applied to players of all ages, forcing the middle players to make some tradeoff decisions and giving the late game players something to do with all those pennants.
  11. Let us buy keys with pennants?
  12. We should have an honor item that's a bonfire and we can donate pennants to it in order to make it burn for days at a time. No other use or benefit. Just something to toss my pennants into
  13. Wait I'm confused... the normal chests are still there aren't they? Or were they removed entirely? Isn't this just MORE STUFF on top of what was there already?