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  1. Retry Battles: Players will have the option to retry their own battles up to 3 times Players can post a retry battle every 24h to their Alliance ·Only one Alliance member may attempt each Alliance posted retry battle Players will not get to keep any loot from retry battles Awesome, thanks !
  2. C'mon guys ! I wanna see fire and flames this league !
  3. All you have to do is : use the keep to create the gate then remove the keep and the gate will remain as it is in the picture Hope this helps
  4. @mmali386be like
  5. I'll buff defence and nerf the f***g Conrad
  6. This is my royal garden, beautiful isn't it ? I love royal chests
  7. Listen to the entire playlist, it's worth it Bonus track lol
  8. Love this one
  9. Nexting in age 2 ?? Wow