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  1. 2.600!
  2. ^^ whatever he said
  3. Amathus done by twentiethfern
  4. More on our YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZRRTaWPXfjAnyCWWLQygoQ
  5. New front page on AOEO4EVER.net.. like the new reference: History has spoken. It's time you rule again!
  6. schön
  7. No haven't talked to 'Robeyone'. Guess we have been talking to the wrong persons then Hopping onto the Robeyone-train it seems!
  8. We asked the old mods once and that didn't go anywhere. With new elan here, maybe Microsoft started more caring about their community.
  9. I'll be back
  10. Maybe http://www.aoeo4ever.net is something for you. Battle on!
  11. Not only for us, do it for Trump! Do it for Vlad! Do it for Kim Jong-un! Bring back Age of Empires Online! Untill then, don't forget to follow http://www.aoeo4ever.net!
  12. Check here: http://aoeo4ever.net/ No internet required at this point!
  13. 2017 the year Age of Empires Online will be back again ? !!!
  14. amazing maybe... Where are the monthly contests? And with the new mods around here, did also Microsoft vision on bringing back Age of Empires Online or allow the community of AOEO4EVER.net to host a private server? Support!
  15. Back to ontopic .... Age of Empires Online, BBAOEO and AOEO4EVER.net