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  1. Time to get busy! You know what to ask!
  2. You have to click te setup, then you should get spartan.exe
  3. Yeah me too!
  4. We of http://www.aoeo4ever.net seem to be able to. Wouldn't *** call it revenge... more bringing back what was taken from us!
  5. See
  6. Please read: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/2828-skylords-reborn-granted-permission-by-ea/
  7. See
  8. Check
  9. This is how EA treats fans: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/2828-skylords-reborn-granted-permission-by-ea/ Microsoft Games following the same example for Age of Empires Online fans?
  10. Bonjour. Je suis ESTEBAN1er. Plusieurs problèmes se posent à moi en tant que joueur sur AGE of EMPIRES. Il m'arrive d'être attaqué deux fois à 5 h d'intervalle ,J'ai amélioré la citadelle pour augmenter mes troupes en force et je reste en force 1  alors que je devis passer force 4. Et lors des batailles que je provoque, je n'ai que des châteaux en force supérieures. Comment cela se fait il ? Répondre sur alain.hanquez@sncf.fr.


    1. Mindgem


      sorry I dont understand French... use english please

  11. The problem is that it isn't just me, but a larger community is developing A selfrespecting brand / company could lend some hands or at least debate issues and solutions. But thanks for your replies... now lets stop Hijacking this forum and see if TS can be helped
  12. No even the largest noob would have been more usefull then this AI... hahaha
  13. Or are you new moderator for the forgotten Age of Empires Online community and can we see a relaunch of this unique game! And if one of you runs into robeyone... would be great to get an answer Even non positive... would be could to know how MS looks upon our community and efforts and how we relate to eachother in the future.
  14. Similar question for Age of Empires Online here!