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  1. It's oscar day! Any predictions? Any movies you really enjoyed?
  2. AMA is over...sorry!
  3. Alliance name:- Blades of Rage Emperor:- skyrider00743 What are the requirements to join(crown,count,location,age)?Ans:- Need to be active and should have minimum number of crowns What is the goal of your alliance(ex Top20,skill building,just for fun)?Ans:- our goal should be become Top20 & should have a lot of fun What kind of commitment do you expect from alliance members(ex. log on every day, once in a week)?And:- Every members must log on everyday and should play even a single battle per day. What makes your alliance different from other alliance?Ans:- The members of our alliance have a lot of fun & we discuss necessary and important things about battles & have unlocked all wonders & necessary researches. Good luck to Blades of Rage!
  4. We release things very shortly after they are completed. So until that time we are still testing, adjusting and making changes. We don't want to tell you something is coming only to remove it during the testing phase. And again, there are things like competition between businesses etc a lot of other games like ours do not announce months in advance what they are doing. Halo and Minecraft aren't really the same category.
  5. I don't know how to make it more clear- we need log files please.
  7. I told you I need a log file so we can investigate this further.... thank you!
  8. Happy Andy is better than Tapestry Andy
  9. I know but telling me this doesn't help solve the issue. I NEED LOG FILES PLEASE! (personal message with gamer tag)
  10. Please send a log file
  11. Can't comment on this at this time- again, it's somewhat budget dependent. But we know what you guys want. This information is important to us and our decision making but its not as easy as "the community wants this so it needs to be done ASAP" .... there are a lot more factors to game development.... sometimes it requires coding changes, new art work, new animation, it has to be tested etc... Alright! That was fun. Good luck in battle, go siege!
  12. Age 10 castles are designed to look a bit more intimidating.... it's a huge accomplishment to get to this level and we wanted the aesthetic to show this grand accomplishment Pennants are cool!
  13. 6 minutes left.....
  14. Ask Me Anything
  15. We know this is a requested feature and are looking into making some adjustments to this in the near future.