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  1. That was my test account FYI
  2. Talk to @Siege Wizard
  3. Pulling a shaggy- it wasn't me.
  4. @dariakus how goes the dishwasher? My hot water problems are back.... *** clandestine plumbing neighbours!
  5. Here here!!
  6. No empress title yet lol I leave for 4 days and the forum is already acting up... this is why I couldn't take vacations!! lol for real tho, it's hard to be patient but respect will go a long way....trust me on this, they know your concerns. I can't explain enough how transparent and nagging I was to ensure the developers were aware of your requests. There is one meeting we had that is now just refered to as "the meeting" around the office since everyone heard a lot of yelling and the ppl in that meeting all walked out dead silent and wouldn't talk about it. I was in that meeting and I can tell you it was just everyone trying their best to create a great game. We are all passionate about the work we do and what we create. @Robeyone is a great listener, he knows what you guys want, and I know he is passionate about creating a great game for all players, as is the SGI team. Trust me this isn't some evil ploy to get ppl invested in a game then ruin it. Now please get back to requesting an empress phasma statue! Lol
  7. This 100% did not happen. I simply got a new job- games was all I had known for over 7 years and so I chose a change to challenge my skills. I really enjoyed CS and believe there's still incredible potential in the game. There are a lot of good things coming in the game. Cert can be unpredictable- sometimes they test weird things, and I have no insight but if a build does not pass cert it can cause delays. Stop trolling and get back to being funny. I didn't come to read about drama ( I watch all of real housewives for that) I missed all the witty humour and fun players!
  8. Goodbye my sweet siegers! I will miss you!
  9. lol so funny the other girls in the office were saying the same thing. I'm not dying!! lol I will be around to chat for sure.
  10. YOU MET BEYONCE?????
  11. What is the Name of your Alliance? What is the emperors name? Name : INDIAN EMBASSY Emperror : Hawak Eyez05 What are the requirements to join (crown count, location, age)? Passion about AOE · What is the goal of your alliance (ex. Top 20, skill building, just for fun)? Just for fun and mostly some day in leader-board · What kind of commitment do you expect from alliance members (ex. log on every day, once a week)? Communication with all in chat and high age players troop donation. · What makes your alliance different from other alliances? We have age 2 to age 8 players.. and all most all are active and help each other...
  12. All of these Beyonce GIFS are the ultimate send off
  13. There are problems in the game? I had no clue
  14. The only person more regal than me. QUEEN B 4 EVA!!!!!!!!!