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  1. But your opinions are always right
  2. August 2015 and xbox says 35d 10h but it has to be way more than that
  3. he does that now
  4. 43million $ I could probably think of 43 million other things to do other than sitting hitting next button
  5. I won!!!!! there better be a prize. And hope its better than a battle chest and yip last time I checked I was a he, I'll check again just to make sure
  6. thank you for the mention @The Stranger made me realise why I don't bother with the forum much nowadays
  7. sorry wulf hugs right backatcha now thread is totally derailed
  8. No calling players out.......some people might get paranoid
  9. my thoughts on tribute were the same, despised them but after losing way to many crowns to 2* losses, I switched to the semi tribute. (gota make them work a little bit for the win ) not only do I save crowns from mostly 1 star losses, my resource loss is greatly reduced as well. defence win isn't the best either if you then get attacked 1:30h-4h later if you can't login and collect production, as you lose even more resources. sad to say but tribute or semi tribute is the better way to save resource/ crown loss imo
  10. Yaaaay I won And yip I still don't know anything about American football Hope that makes you all feel better getting beat from a tard
  11. Other thing I have noticed is, i can be viewing someone's layout on 2 different devices at same time, and pt times shown can be totally different. Worst I seen was over 40s difference between the 2 Needless to say I missed out on the revenge by about 10 seconds
  12. Way to go joy. Congrats
  13. kBL he just needs to download app and sign into their Xbox live account. I find it easier on ios to switch between accounts as well. Just don't link acc to Game Center and option to switch accounts is available from in game options.
  14. An American football looks like a football that's been sat on for awhile and gone a funny shape
  15. you would be surprised how effective they are against a certain level of player attack ability. had a few very low percentage defence wins due to attackers piling troops in and flame towers taking them out few are still in my def log I think.