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  1. I beat you East, Gizmo acc had 88 rams in last 5 defences at one point, bailey would be close I think around the time when it had 31 sent in one attack.....yip 31!!!!! and they still lost
  2. got to love it when combat hour banner pops up just as bucket time finishes no bonus for me today then
  3. if you have an alt account, then making that emperor will allow you to return when you want, and will keep wonders active
  4. sounds to me like some members have updated and some haven't yet,
  5. perfect for East, he will love this patch
  6. As its currently available on ios devices which is the same version of the game as the win 10 then it will be the same. and touch screen rules
  7. you forget traders i'm old takes me all the time to remember all my pw and acc info as it is without learning new ways
  8. I just switch accounts via in game options, so much easier, just need to input different xbox login details. Hate game centre as much as I hate iTunes , can never find what I need to
  9. no problem. often happens to me then I can't switch accounts on ipad. you would think I would learn not to hit the link account button by now
  10. just uninstall from ios device and re install app. just had to do it myself again
  11. similar games I've played with league tables move you up or down a league if you exceed or fall below that leagues parameters. still get some who work the system to come in just below the max lvl required for that league, but not as bad as this league system is.
  12. actually one acc will be. other might make it just
  13. we'll get East on it
  14. Now that is a good prize least this time the ball is the right shape, and take it there is a basket for the ball to be put in