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  1. Did not know it had been taken care of, I will move along now.
  2. I was talking about Joy and his cat account.
  3. Sorry I was not clear, I was pointing out that they are two accounts.
  4. I thought that having two or more forum accounts was a banning of all accounts of that user? Has that changed or not? @Andy P could you answer this for me?
  5. Old but good. Young at his best!!
  6. This one is to the Wulf....... Hugs @Wicked Wulf
  7. Chuck can do a nose job with a salt shaker
  8. And you were right again!!!!!
  9. Hey I have stayed out of this but I want some hugs as well, that would make me Pleased!!!!
  10. Speler's bird has a strange effect on the lady's!!
  11. yep had junk in chests
  12. Some days this is true!!
  13. Try getting 45 players to care about crowns, everyone is chasing stone or have all but given up.
  14. Here is my main point, do I like the game, yes do I like it as well as I did 2 years ago, no it has become stale But the friends that I have made here and in the game keep me coming back and hoping for more to keep me playing!!
  15. I am doing well, thank you for asking! I hope all is well with you and yours!