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  1. You guys are either pretending to have no idea, or really have no clue how this game actually works - even Empress!! Good grief. It's okay, as Robeyone's emperor, I will explain to him how I could go for more than 62 hours between defenses if I wanted to (even with over 10k crowns) and we can take things from there... Muppets <shakes head>
  2. Is your current alliance a bit too quiet for you in chat? Are you looking to make your defense and attack logs more green? Are you looking to increase your crowns? Are you looking to fast track upgrading? Are you looking for secret tips to get the most out of the game? .... If so, come join us in Flash Mob as we have all the answers!!
  3. Thanks Traders We are now full, but are running a 49/50 policy with the least active players moved out when a new player joins. So if you are active and have an embassy then come and join!
  4. Nearly full now! So come grab the last few spots here in Flash Mob We have max age 10 troops as relief for all, all level 1 wonders complete, and some of the games top players to give advice. Very active chat No crown pressure, just active players with an embassy heartily welcomed!!
  5. And Winrich! Already pretty useless against Age 9 maxed MusketT and CrossbowT. I fear we will be seeing a lot more of Conrad in Age 10 !!
  6. Couple of visual enhancement suggestions: 1. Change in honor item backgrounds to stop writing Seems most players who are upset about honor item background changes because that they cant now indicate what alliance they are in. As such I suggest the Devs could list your alliance under your gameid in the top left of the screen - just like on the leaderboards. That would be pretty simple to add no? 2. Some text seems centered now Don't like sorry - such as gold values, and userid in top left - looks strange 3. Can we make replay time text less intrusive/dominant? I am always having to move everything around to watch a replay which starts at the top of the screen - it's very annoying. 4. New chats should move up not down Moving chat input window to the bottom and have new messages move upwards would be SO much easier to follow. Anyone else have any other simple to fix visual annoyances with the game?
  7. Thanks for the confirmation. This will be the first time no additional wall troops
  8. Every age prior to age 10 gives more wall troops - does 10?
  9. Apparently this market was 'requested' - unsure by whom. Perhaps the devs think they have given us the much requested market place?! ....which we all meant a place where we could exchange one type of resources for another, but hey...
  10. Apparently the switch civs screen at the keep hasnt been updated with Age 10 castles.
  11. shocking news! thanks for the two shown, just 4 to go...
  12. RELATIVELY you are MAKING 1/10th of the players that used the gold for training troops - so the only relative perspective is if you don't know how to use gold for fast training or dont actually like doing lots of battles and would rather just farm.
  13. Could someone in Age 10 please post a picture of all Age 10 keeps next to each other ie. a screenshot from the switch civs 'select your civilization' page? I'd like to see what the best looking keep is now. From what I have seen individually I think it is Teutonic which seems to look the most aggressive... Many thanks!!
  14. I've been looking closely to see if the instant upgrade cash players defense records are improved for their first outing. In the top 200, only one single Age 10 player WON a defense. I personally think the win was more due to the extra 8 pieces of wall/tower incorporated into their design layout, compared to most others who went for the extra strength/damage of the new towers. So really those that couldn't wait, all they have achieved thus far is shown the rest of us some visual changes
  15. So I think the question here is what would make you purchase this boost in gold? Expansion is 30% boost for 2d and 72,500 food (125 gold) 714 gold buys you about 17 instant armies - where you can loot say on average 70k/70k/25k - so that's about 1M food, 1M wood, 425k stone. For a maxed economy, over 5d that is about the same as extra 100%. So double output (note that this boost wouldn't be on top of expansion, so i am not incl it in the calcs) So for me to purchase this boost it would have to be at least 100% for 5d -OR- make it cost 70 gold per 5d