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  1. Die Gegner werden nach dem sogenannten Powerlevel* "ausgelost" und nicht nach Kronen. Je mehr Kronen du hast, desto schwieriger wird es, schnell attraktive Angriffsziele zu finden. Du musst also entweder häufiger den "Weiter"-Knopf drücken oder ein höheres Powerlevel durch hochstufen erreichen. Ich habe mir deine Burg gerade angeschaut: Ballista-Turm Stufe 3, Flammenturm Stufe 2... kein Wunder! * errechnet aus Truppen, Verteidigungsanlagen etc.
  2. And this is their national anthem and their national football team
  3. If I played football (soccer) in a village team with my buddies to have some fun- what would I care about the Champions League? I'd watch it on TV to see how the top professionals play but it would have nothing to do with our village team. For me with a real life and spending too much time for this game already it is absolutely impossible to get anywhere near 10k crowns nor would my team mates achieve this. Still we enjoy this game very much.
  4. Say that in a Scottish pub! They have a national anthem and a flag and a national football team. But you are right: they are not independent at the moment. This might change sooner or later. Montenegro wasn't an independant country not too long ago.
  5. Gentlemen, please.....
  6. You might have to wait until after the next referendum - if Nicola is successful. Orra best!
  7. There are some real spies out there! They join an alliance, might even chat with you. After a while they leave without a word - and you lost a revenge against your castle: an alt account to find out when you are online/offline. These spies are hard to catch and there is no gold reward.
  8. Jesus - now I can breathe again! You made my day!
  9. Golden shower - seriously?
  10. There is another thread about this. I caught one too and I am as sober as a judge
  11. Just clicked on and near the watchtower - spy captured - 6 gold pieces. And alliance mate reported the same. Forgot to say: I had zoomed into my castle (trying to find a spy).
  12. My Microsoft account was hacked by somebody from Washington DC. Maybe that's the one you caught! Give him a free flight with one of your trebs
  13. Me - online to find I had been attacked!
  14. Thank you, MS! This cost me 160 crowns
  15. I lost about 500 crowns in two defensive battles against the same player. I think this tells us something about the state of the game.