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  1. @JeslineJoshua - Thank you for the many loads of FOOD! The U.S.A. alliance greatly appreciates your donations!! We're more than half-way towards completion of Sound the Alarm.
  2. The previous AoE games have been brought up in this thread a couple of times. I'm still a HUGE fan of the original series. I was hoping for more of the same in this game. Let us log in to different scenarios and switch between unique civilizations to fit our mood of the day. I'm not eagerly awaiting alliance wars; but would welcome the opportunity to change my game plan to fit new civs and layouts (oceans, islands, rivers, mountains, forests, etc). Sure; we'll max the new layouts but at least we'll have a change of scenery. Changing from Brits to Teuts just doesn't offer enough of a change. You don't need to give us Furious the Monkey Boy or Cobra Car...though the never-promised market (with carts/ships travelling between our scenarios) and some monks would be nice. I imagine the devs @Robeyone are getting as bored as we are - they'll have more fun coding new civs and layouts.
  3. Big thanks to FreddyKrieger for taking a break from his alliance to share some food with us! U.S.A. Alliance says THANK YOU FREDDY!!
  4. Thank you Thumper for your 3rd donation of food! ...have you considered joining our alliance - LOL! We'd be pleased to have you, you're a good attacker with many multiple star wins. ...if nothing else, next time you join us take a look at our webpage for members; you might find some of our game tips helpful as you age up! BTW - to others - we still need more food ;-)
  5. @Thumper345 - Thank you for the return visit with another load of food. Greatly appreciated; especially as you could use it for ageing-up. You are very generous!
  6. Thank you Thumper345 for the donation!!!
  7. Start the new year and a new league with a new alliance. Join the U.S.A.
  8. We've got a great assortment of members: X- 8 members IX - 7 members VIII - 11 members VII - 16 members VI - 4 members We have more than 40,000 crowns and are currently in the "money" in the current league. Join us for tips, helpful chat, and if you want to have fun!
  9. Thanks Soul Tatoo! We appreciate your donation!!
  10. WOW - I didn't realize that rethinking RTs was the equivalent of reinventing the wheel. I'd be happy if the structure was changed to only allow an alliance member to donate to a player their own age or younger (perhaps make this an option for the Emperor to control).
  11. The U.S.A. needs FOOD to complete Sound the Alarm. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give!!
  12. If it's an "active" alliance then there isn't much of a problem. If a player hasn't logged-in in more than 60 days...he/she probably isn't coming back...and it's past time for someone else to step up (not sure about a player's leadership if they haven't logged in for 2 months). The dates are arbitrary - make them longer if they need to be (perhaps an option for the number of days can be set by the emperor at each alliance) - just FIX IT!
  13. Clean up dead alliances. (looking for dead horse to beat) When searching through alliances there is a hard break on the number you can view. Some that are viewable have most/all players who haven't logged in in more than 100 days. A new player searching for an alliance probably isn't likely to investigate logged-in data. New players in a stale alliance are likely to become bored rather quickly. New players in a dying alliance can't be invited to join an active alliance. Clearing up old alliances could mean: Automatically delete an alliance if all members of an alliance haven't logged in within the past 60 days. Automatically delete a member from an alliance if the player hasn't logged in within the past 60 days. Automatically delete an alliance if the Emperor hasn't logged in within the past 60 days (notification alert to alliance members at 45 days to either elect a new Emperor or find a new alliance). If alliances are the best way to keep players engaged...then keeping more dynamic alliances should be a priority. Do NOT nerf my namesake! ...but I'll concede that fire traps should have more of an effect on WOODEN siege weapons. Maybe not as much as they have on Edward; but a LITTLE bit more damage could be palatable.
  14. U.S.A. is looking for wood. Your New Year's gift would be GREATLY appreciated! We're easy to find - and the task is set up to accept your generous donations!
  15. We will keep you supplied with troops and help you with your game!