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  1. Just unlocked another wonder (6 wonders activated) - join us for fun, game tips, and a steady stream of RTs.
  2. @Siege Wizard I understand the changes that were made to eliminate the BT extension from nexting (thank you). What I'm experiencing is quite different. I still get gray-screen after ~5 minutes if the game is kept open on the desktop without any activity. There are times when I minimize the game (to visit these forums for example, or just to tend to life in general). I can be gone for more than 20 minutes yet when I maximize the game on the desktop it is still active (not always, but often). (Win10 with no recent changes to settings). ...another bug is sometimes the audio stops (only in the game, not my system sound); I have to close/open the game to restore game sounds (I NEVER have the game music playing).
  3. Seems to be a lot of confusion about changes to BT. Sometimes when I minimize the game for a long period of time and come back I'm still "active", yet if I keep the game "active" I'm logged out after ~5 minutes. Have there been changes to BT?
  4. To the devs - the spy 'feature' is great! Throw some more of this kind of stuff at as. Perhaps mix it up a bit with randomness - every now and then I'd like to see those pigs turned into bacon or the Tower of London launch into space.
  5. I don't think the spy needs to be by the WS - I found one loitering outside the walls.
  6. Very cool; an Easter Egg of sorts. When will we see Furious the Monkey Boy?
  7. Someone mentioned somewhere that the default time before gray-screen increased - I'm still at ~5 minutes
  8. From what others have said... you can sacrifice one troop and leave the battle with your remaining troops. I believe this has been confirmed.
  9. DEVS - NICE! A lot of work went into the new features. You loaded some fun back to the game. THANK YOU!
  10. Hello. Good afternoon! I wonder if you could help me ... I need to know the actual location of my Castle, do you know where I am in the world map ... have any tips?

  11. As long as it doesn't affect any PT. ...and allow the ability to practice against a mirror of your own empire. Probably have to keep the training cost/time so the game could make some $ from gold used to speed up the training.
  12. If I was the dev in charge... I'd spend more time listening and responding to the forum members.
  13. Get the game back to its roots, the original AoE franchise (more civs, unique civ units, monks, alliance markets, optional skins) or just create a Win10 version of the original game (without Steam).
  14. I do like @ThatSplash2 thoughts of breaking PL into defensive (DPL) and offensive (OPL). The potential crowns an attacking player can win or lose could be based on the balance of build-out (DPL vs OPL) they have achieved and the percentage of destruction done to an empire. (This would create a 'penalty' for advanced attackers with defensive build-out ages behind their offensive power) I don't think there should be a penalty to the defender if an attacker can succeed with less than a full attack force. (I like tribute keeps)
  15. @POORFELLER THANKS for the FOOD. A very nice donation - greatly appreciated!