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  1. I know, right? That's not what I meant. I was not complaining. I just wondered when it would start again. And the old themes are slowly coming back again.
  2. #1: Awesome controls: now that they got even better, I really have to watch out that I manage to keep at least one treb alive, which is a real art. #2: Calls: these really take the life out of me. Seriously, just what are the odds than someone calls you during battle?! And what's best is that it's usually to say "hi". #3: Awesome controls Pt.2: when every single control you make becomes a zoom in/out. #4: My stupid Wi-Fi box: sometimes I get kicked out for God knows why, and I get a connection error, resulting in a loss. #5: Further interruptions: people coming to visit during battle, or just the post man are popular ways to interrupt me. #6: Cold fingers: wow, these suck in winter, take that from me. Never battle with cold fingers. #7: Lack of concentration: I sometimes battle when I have other things in mind, and totally forget what I'm doing. Two minutes later I find a 20% and all my trebs wrecked. It's mostly #1 and #2. The others are occasional.
  4. Great song! I love your comics, too. ARQUEBUSERS WILL RETURN.
  5. I'm sorry, but unfortunately I don't have the money and time to play on a computer. I EXCLUSIVELY use my computer for money transfers etc. and I'm just asking that I can play on my phone minimally good. If the game's available, than one should be able to play it. And please, don't get me wrong. I love this game, even without all the new content-- which I of course like too. I just can't play with these controls. That's it. Well, as I said, controls were bad, but since the patch they're much worse. Just watch the behaviour of the troops (esp. trebs) of my last few attacks. It's unfathomable. Thank you for the nice words. While I don't consider myself anywhere as near as good as you and other players, I dare to say that, in fact, I'm no bumbling moron who doesn't understand the controls. I've been playing these last one and a half years almost every day (with some week breaks), and I can ascertain something's really off. One just notices that kind of stuff; I don't have to be a specialist for that.
  6. I can imagine. I mean, who in the blazes takes a picture of hulk wearing earphones?! I'm surprised you even found one. Yup, same here. Although I kind of get so into it that I forget even music was playing... So what's the point in playing music if I don't notice it anyway, you ask? Well, when I don't play it, I notice "something's off". I love Wulf style.
  7. Where did you get that pic!? I thought I had erased it! I love Pink Floyd and Smashing Pumpkins. But when I'm smashing I prefer groups like Iron Maiden, Rage Against The Machine, Avenged Sevenfold or Megadeth. Hard goes with hard.
  8. I really hate to complain; in fact, I haven't really complained any up till now, BUT this time I just have to. I have NO IDEA how you managed, but SMARTPHONE CONTROLS HAVE GOTTEN EVEN WORSE! Instead of an improvement after all these years we get punished with even worse controls? Seriously?? So... One of my alliance mates plays on PC, and has noticed too a change in the behaviour of troops. However, from what I understood controls are still okay on that end. I'll tell you (people who implemented this awesome change) this as serious as I can: on smartphones controls sucked, but now they're APPALLING. There is no other word to describe it. I'm not sure how it is with others yet, but I don't believe I'm the only one. These are the 2 big things I've noticed on my Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE in the last 2 days: • Troops: they are disgusting. I can't quite make it out yet, but they're different. Like they are stupider or even drunker than before. They make a lot of movements that make you shout out loud "huuuuuh?!" and totally mess up your battle. This becomes even worse mixed up with the following. • Controls in general: pitiful, appalling, horrible, take any of these. Now there's an even bigger preference on screen moving and zooming in/out. Almost all orders become a zoom in or a screen movement, so you have to pinch and draw like 3-4 times before you can do what you want. Thus, you lose your important troops SIMPLY because you don't have time to trace the path over and over again to save them. Especially the trebs: when you target a tower and let your finger go, they move towards it or attack a nearby wall. Either that, or they just turn 180° and go to God knows where for God knows why. I can live with bad MM. I can live with "not having anything to do" in the game. I can live with being constantly ram rushed. I can live with getting only brown chests. I can live knowing people cheat and don't get punished. I can live with no updates. But I CAN'T LIVE WITH THESE CONTROLS. That's it. Smartphone players have always had bad controls, but in my experience it's never been ANYWHERE near as bad as it is now. Instead of adding new content (which is always welcome, of course), why can't you just fix the broken content first? Is it really that hard? PLEASE see to this. I really have no idea what happened, whether this was deliberately or just another bug, but PRETTY PLEASE, give me back the bad controls I had 3 days ago. I can live with those. If not, I can't see myself playing anymore in a near future. So dear @Robeyone and @Siege Wizard: There's nothing worse than bad controls, please understand that. I really, REALLY hope something will be done about this. Thank you for your attention, if you happen to read this, and if you have any questions ask right away.
  9. Dunno, I put the sound off don't know how long ago. The sound sucks anyways. I prefer listening to music while I smash people.
  10. Wow, I just thought of exactly the same. So I put my WS outside the keep, went visit someone, and back to my keep, Then I zoomed in, and voilà! the spy. In my case it was an extra arquebuser.
  11. We tried the same. No success either. Nice speculation, but how can you touch the WS for a spy capture if you're not online? I wonder how many days it'll take before everyone starts complaining again...
  12. ... well, no, I didn't, but we have @TheJohnnyBang being accused of being high because he caught a spy when he touched his WS. One of my alliance mates got one too. Anyone else got one, or are both nuts? P.S. Apparently you get free gold from them.