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  1. Is changing names bad now? They probably didn't like their current name, that's all. No need to get sick about something so trivial- there are lots of other stuff to get sick about. For example, how crappy even the forum page controls on smartphones are.
  2. No doubt Conrad is also OP. Doing also almost all 3-stars only with him. But this is known by everyone (although most only focus on rams). I don't really want a nerf on Martel, either. He rocks, gives me 3-stars most of the times and is very reliable (in the sense that he works on virtually any layout). However, that doesn't mean it's not ridiculous you can 3-star a keep with him and still have 2 minutes left to clean up some walls. Of course, I'm aware that most players have yet to find out how to use him efficiently (I could enumerate a whole heap of tips that keep him alive that I've collected throughout a long career of using him, but I'll refrain from doing it here), but that doesn't mean he needs a buff (as some players think). That's why I said "if anything, he needs to be nerfed".
  3. He's not fine. He's still WAY overpowered. The only thing that works against him are packed towers, and then you only need Nevsky or Winrich to finish off the remaining towers. If you have your towers scattered around your base, YOUR BASE DOESN'T STAND A CHANCE. Lately I'm not needing a second hero really often. Here, 7 out of my last 14 battles with Martel: As you can see (sorry for the bad quality), I only used Martel on these. They were not maxed Xs, but all had pretty high level towers and walls, except for one age IX. Am I trying to show off? NO, I'm not. If anything, the show-off here's my dear Martel. I owe him about 40% of him 3 stars, and usually I have about 1:30-2min left even to destroy walls. How's that fine? That's just bullying! And lots not even start with Conrad... Lately it's been the same with him, too. So if anything, he needs to be nerfed. There are plenty of hero combinations that don't need Martel. Salza-Edward, Maslama-Nikephoros, Henry-Saladin are my 3 favourites. I suggest you play them too instead- relying on a hero combo too much won't do good. You gotta play around to see what works best for you.
  4. Exactly... It feels exhausting when you state your opinion, only to get showered with insults, and then wonder what what went wrong in your post. And lately I see that happening A LOT. Let people state their opinions (of course, no point in saying the same over and over again in different threads). They might not be as wrong as you think. Majority does NOT mean you're right. They deserve as much attention as you do.
  5. Since I'm supposing these spotlights are meant to make players use underrated/lowly used heroes, can we get Maslama's smoke 8 times next time? Pretty please? I'll give you a pair of velvet socks! @Empress_Phasma
  6. I think you should first change your layout, if you do so you'll probably lose less and won't have to make up for so much. I could Conrad solo it and have 2 and half minutes left to destroy your walls, too. P.S. Sorry, man. We're going for a league win. Those 646c are appreciated.
  7. I'm quite sure the content depends on your PL. I get 1,6K stone from brown chests. I recall, however, one of my age IX mates saying he only got 1,4K. No proof, though. They do get the same honours, however. I can already imagine an age I getting 12K wood from a royal chest.
  8. I would rather have them pop up to say something relevant to the game, but I guess everyone has their own interest? I mean, it's as if some politician comes up the stage (them) in front of a whole heap of people (us) and he says "Man, it's hot, nut? I sure'd love a nice, cold shower right now! Further a good day, ladies and gentlemen!" and everyone starts clapping. Am I the only one who wouldn't clap? I get that it's important to contact with (a part, at least) of the player base, but they don't get paid for making friends with us. IMHO, "contacting" with us should equal "listening" to us at least, of course, actually doing it is another thing. But from what I've understood, in exception of those mentioned by the OP, they don't do that. So I really don't see any reason to clap for them. Did I get something wrong?
  9. Does it even matter? I mean, there's going to be complaints anyway, because what for you is nice, for another will be "wow another useless patch, thanks devs". Just don't expect anything. Like that at least you won't be disappointed if it's actually nothing. Sounds good! Thanks for the heads-up!
  10. Nah, I know when I get gold... Because I'm super surprised when I actually get something. So I counted the times I actually got gold in a month a couple of months ago, and came up with this number. Lately it's been a bit better, like 1/20, but still, it's super low for me. There are other people in my alliance, though, who get gold 1/3 average, sometimes more 10 times in a row. I think I once had 3 weeks straight 0 gold (I even came to the forums to complain) doing about 5-7 attacks a day, back then when I was a low IX and still really hooked. I've also noticed when I use my spare time to destroy about 40% of the walls, I get gold. Another interesting fact is that I can count with one hand the times I've gotten gold when doing 3*s, in exception of the case mentioned above. Hate to think so, but I really can't believe that the chance on getting gold is random. But maybe I'm overthinking stuff and I've just been unlucky 2 years straight?
  11. HAHAHA, wow, that was a good one, Wulf. You even made me smile for a second. My average gold find per battle is below 1g. If I'm lucky, I get one jackpot chest with gold every 40 battles, usually only 31-33g every 40 battles. I think I've gotten almost as much from the battle chests in this month than from all the battles in the last 6 months. "I couldn't get no silver, I couldn't get no gold You know that we're too d*mn poor To keep you from the gallows pole"
  12. Especially when it happens ALL THE TIME. Here another one just now: Just LOOK AT THAT DARN HEALTH BAR!
  13. You must be like: "I am not a number, I am a free man!" And the game's like: "Hah hah hah hah hah..." -"The Prisoner": Iron Maiden.
  14. Did you buy all of the purchase-able honors? If not they'll keep appearing in your special chests. Shh... Don't tell anyone, but nexting I've seen several people with more than 4 honors... And I only next about 5-20 times per battle. Once in 5870 year odds, haha.