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  • Re: Will it be available on Steam?

    @Ultron51 said:
    Yeah, so they said it will be windows 10 store only, but they want to sell it right? Valve's expansive hardware survey shows 68% of gamers use windows 7 64bit. I know for sure I'm included in that and I love AoE, grew up with it. There won't ever be an RTS game that holds up to its standard, but im not migrating to windows 10 for it.... Why are the devs "Excited" about it being windows store? That's not exciting. This feels like Microsoft propeganda. I'll bet the only way they could get the go ahead on this project was to clip half their player base to incentivise a mear handful of people to install windows 10 - But in the end will they really keep it a windows 10 exclusive? It wont make the same kind of revenue.

    Windows 7 SP1 is already in extended support which lasts until January 14, 2020.

    Whether you like it or not, every version before Windows 10 will fase out and not be supported anymore. Other game developers will also stop developing new games for older Windows version, that's just a matter of time. As long as your computer works you can play your old games. If you want to play your old games through Steam and other newer games on your computer, you will need to move over to Windows 10.

    It's not about missing revenue or MS propaganda, but more a practical thing for developers.

  • Re: I think game and relic studio in the big trouble

    Based on just one anonymous review full slander while they are having 14 new job positions open?

    Must be a bad joke or so from a competitor. Also I wouldn't want to seethe AOE franchise move direction to games like SC and WH. That would be a very bad decision imho. Further I agree with @Nakamura esp about a clean revamped GUI. Take the new Xbox Live Beta hub as an good example for that. I also noticed that the Windows OS is getting prepared for live streaming, so certain things should be able to integrate with each other in one nice clean metro styled interface with some nice classic AOE background image.

    It takes a lot of time through many layers to get things done at MS, but they are heading the right direction with this. That Valve with Steam e.g. will not like this is their problem.

    Their next big title is AOE DE btw.

  • Re: Game prefrence: A Competitive OR Ensemble inspired RTS

    Valve would love the way you think by crediting them solely the whole MOBA thing.

    But from a historical point of view it's just not true, that's really a big misconception these days. Wikifakia puts it all together on one line and addresses it to just one kind of game style including this and that. That is totally incorrect especially if you get there your knowledge about the gaming industry from.

    The games you and @CostlierParrot3 talk about and are referring to are formally called MOBA (MMO) RPG ARTS games. Like I stated many times before already, but don't mind at all to repeat again and again, I would not like to see AOE IV end up with ONLY that kind of gameplay. So actually we agree on that. It's the misconception about MOBA leading to this off-topic discussion.

    We could have the same discussion about what's actually called an e-Sports game these days, games are being put to easily into that just that category.

    The list of commonly used terms here is very clear and short. All can be combined and used with each other to a certain extend and type of gameplay.

    MOBA Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
    MMO Massive Multiplayer Online
    RPG Role Playing Game
    ARTS Action RTS
    RTS Real-Time Strategy
    FP First Person Shooter
    SP Single Player
    MP Multiplayer (LAN)
    MO Multiplayer Online
    And so on...

    So I'm really not digging, I'm just clarifying things the way they are and correcting some wrong assumptions for all the other readers on this forum.

    With MOBA elements I mean some way for people to jump in through matchmaking into some kind of fair fixed set battle, which might be based on the most played and more symmetric designed maps or maps designed for a special kind of purpose with classic AOE gameplay. And it should be an optional and complete different gameplay section and part in the game.

    And last, let me remind you that King of the Hill, Regicide and certain scenarios are MOBA RPG types of gameplay. So, it's been there in AOE like forever. Also there are fairly symmetric MP/MO maps available which are heavily used by pro players.

    I think I'm finished digging now that I reached China. :D

  • Re: Progressive gameplay and RTS

    Thanks for clarifying @Andy P.

    It sounds just like a game my sons like to play on their smartphones, but I know for sure it's not CS. It also sounds like a MOBA ARTS which I don't have any problems with if it's optional gameplay. The idea of bringing alliances to AOE4 I do like too.

    I don't like playing on my mobile, also stopped with smartphone use in general. Too much distraction and people just always expect you to respond asap, so I decided to lower my APM some on my smartphone, my smartphone always has been a business tool and so is useless without having business anymore.

    And yet they still call me privately. :)

  • Re: Progressive gameplay and RTS

    @Andy P

    I agree again, per region and per country. People would love to see more stats, not only in-game.

    Also I do think they need to do something with APM to create a matchmaking system, not for changing in-game play of course like with the other franchises.

    It's very funny to see how some well known ICT terms got their own meaning in the gaming industry, although basically under the hood they don't differ to much.

    I never made it to the alliance wars with AOEO, was leveling all civs up equally spread at that time. That's why it was such a big disappointment to me that they pulled the plug out of it just around 9 months after I spend money into it. They should never ever do such a thing again. Still thanks for your help btw at that time regaining some lost EP's.

    Skipped the CS game, so can't say anything about that, except that in my imagination it could become part of a much bigger AOE thing.