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  • Re: Age of Empires Online, forgotten by Microsoft?

    I do think that's were it all starts. A lot of good things came from forgotten games and their communities. MS will catch up with it again eventually. With the current pace it will take them until 2020 before they can start with AOE IV development.

    Yes indeed, the pathfinding works very well in that version. Actually if you get along with this version all others are quite boring to play. The only reason afaic to play the new DE versions are better graphics and 4K support, but if it results in gameplay not running smoothly it's a waste of our time and MS's money.

    Are you in need of some gold, mate? ;)

  • Re: What is your biggest concern for AoE 4?

    Actually I don't like any of the games from Relic's current production list, so they're up to some kind of challenge with me.

    I can agree on all your points, but would like to add a few more things to make it more enjoyable for a younger public because their attention span these days seems to be so ...... ..... short.

    So I would like to add a learning skills section and fast paced multiplayer X versus X minigame modes using a limited set of units to choose from for each player. This will deepen tactics and team play. Adding some MOBA into it doesn't have to be in any conflict with general RTS game play modes. MOBA derived from RTS and you just play what you like. It's like the big brother and little sister thing, although the little sister grow very big the last years and so became a giant witch. Time to strike back and convert her to become our little sister again wololo. :wink:

    And the main interface should be revamped completely, because that's really from an age of empires ago.

    It should get an more lively entertaining interface and indeed you should be able to watch any ranked online multiplayer game and be able to find the content to your likes easily.

    For a real definitive future of the franchise you should make AOE IV actually free to play too.

    If they're able to make it 3D suitable for playing it 4K with a HoloLens and Magic Gloves I foresee a great new future.

  • Re: Age of Empires Online, forgotten by Microsoft?

    Remarkable fact, they even didn't mention anything about it in the released promo video about the history of AOE. Let's hope Windows 10 and their Windows Store doesn't end up the same. Windows Phone, for which they created the store in the first place, already down the drain.

    Get those marketeers some real brains please!

  • Re: AoEO Memory Thread

    In the AOE IV forum I suggested that AOE IV DE should become more like a kind of AOE Online DE style of gameplay. Well, that kind of thinking got me 3 new disagrees rapidly. Probably from players who found AOEO too hard to play, because it had some very hard missions from level 30 and above.

    Yes, very good memories indeed. Sometimes I still dream about training the farming missions, building all those farms as fast as you can and so clicking like crazy. My wife even caught me clicking on her body while asleep.

    Or should I call it a nightmare instead? ;)

    I really do miss this game and spend quite enough money into it to be entitled for a free run if they ever bring it back.

    Please bring it back again, like AOE DE now it did run on XBOX Live Network with the help of GFWL. So it should not be too hard for Microsoft to port this version to Windows Store.

  • Re: Age of Empires IV

    IMHO. No planes, no trains, no automobiles. I wish for more gameplay like AOE Online, so it should rather become a new AOE Online DE afaic, but not F2P and not limited to online play only.