0/1 to unloomed villagers

To be clear you should always get loom and being caught without loom should be punishing however I still feel villager die a bit too quickly against archers.

Vills no loom Vills 0/1 Vills loom
Archer w/o fecthing 7 9 20
Archer with fetching 5 7 14
Skirms w/o fetching 13 25 40
Skirms with fetching 9 13 40
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If you get surprised with archers and skirms without loom, then the solution will be getting loom quicker.

Only time when you can skip loom is for on builds on maps where you are save. Like on Arena you can get away with noy getting loom in dark age. In pretty much every other build you should get loom in dark age. So you have loom when archers arrive.


By the time the enemy can march 7-8 archers (to kill a villager in one volley before the villagers runs away) to your town, you’re well into the feudal age. If you neglected loom until then, you kinda deserve it.

Especially as loom is strongly advised to lure boars.

Visually it makes no sense that villagers (barechest or wearing a light gown) would have some base armour, while units visibly in chainmail like the pikeman do not.

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even after this buff you still only half the arrows you would with loom.

I Learn something new every day. Of might be needed for 600 elo players, but i guess most of ranked players lure both boars without loom. Most build orders also include loom as last thing for clicking up to feudal age. Not before a boar lure.

But yeah, i agree with the rest of your post. If you stil doesnt have loom when their archers show up to your bases, then you deserve to lose vills.

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Maybe not the boar indeed but other equivalent animals like the rhino are much more dangerous despite equal stats, a lower attack delay meaning it will waste less time when attacking before running again and will land more hits before being near the TC.

unloomed villagers should die quickly, avoiding loom is an economic advantage that your opponent should be able to punish, also feudal archer rushes are already of questionable worth compared to a scout or militia opening.


nope. strongly advised to delay loom until you click up to feudal (except for chinese, mayans and goths)