1 of my main concern for aoe IV- Lobby system!

AOE DE lobby system is garbage, AOE 2 DE lobby system is garbage! It is just a terrible design and I hope there will be a better lobby system for AOE 4, otherwise, I think it won’t be a hit! Community is the most important part of all AOE community. So you need to have communication, the ability to see other rooms while you are in a room, message anyone, the ability to see people’s ranking before entering the room, and all the information laid out. Do not leave any “hidden information” Thoughts?


Another idea I want to add is a “Built-in” translator so all kinds of people can be in the same room. We can use a translator to communicate while in the lobby and possibly in-game too? An example = FF11 online. You type a word then you push a tab button to “auto-translate”. So, it translates to whatever language you selected while installing the game. So we can enjoy playing games without a communication barriers!

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