1 player campaign factions not the same as multiplayer

The campaign has completed different factions not found in multiplayer is seems. I played the 1st English campaign and jumped into the multiplayer, only to find different units, buffs and upgrades for the English.

I usually start an RTS game in the 1 player to learn all the units but that seems pointless in this game because its so different. Now im turned off from beating the rest of the 1 player because its just slowing me down from progressing at the multiplayer and learning the actual units and builds Ill be doing for months and months, not just for a few hours on a campaign.

Why was this done? Seems like a ton of wasted Development time to create a whole separate bunch of factions and balances for the 1 player mode.

The campaign english aren’t that different to the multiplayer english.

They move on to become more similar to the multiplayer english as you progress through the Norman campaign btw.

The only difference in units is the english get longbows at mission 2-3 i think?

I beat the whole norman campaign. They are very different. They cant build the big Cannons or those 5 shot cannons. Upgrades are done at some other building you cant even make in multiplayer (no university) and the upgrades\buffs you do get are very different.

My only solution to you is play skirmish vs bots if you really want to learn.

Personally, I like the campaigns and its pretty cool that the faction progresses in both language and units the further you go in the campaign.

Campaigns have, over the years, become less of a guide for learning to play for a couple main reasons:

  1. They don’t/can’t account for or keep up with metas.
  2. Limiting the campaign based on multi-player balance limits what you can do.

Since the campaigns quickly loose their “educational” value as balance patches and new content is released it’s better to not try to teach people too much via the campaigns; you still learn the basics of each civ.

Age is nice in that it has the training things you can do to practice skills for multi-player but their value isn’t as high in Age 4 since there aren’t any civ specific ones (that I’m aware of) and the civs have more unique mechanics than in Age 2.