1 Year Past and we still dont have a Save and Exit Option that we had for 10 years - especially in an unstable game like DE

Could we please get a save and exit option? I know that with the arrival of new players people got a lot harsher, toxic and player lame more often. And i doubt it would work - but could the option PLEASE be there - i just hate it when someone in my ranked games disconnects early and there is no way to save and Exit.

To anyone who doesn’t know what “Save and Exit” is - Back on Voobly any player could go to the esc settings and press “Save and Exit”, after which A vote started. If every player agreed to save and exit - the game would be ended with no elo loss or gains, the game could be restored (as a Restore file was generated of the moment a players lost his connection) and games could go on.
On Voobly you also knew what kind of disconnect he had (If he left the room, it meant that just Voobly or his PC crashed, meaning the likelihood of restoring would be greater), so you could see in real-time if its worth save and exit or not.

The community also agreed (unwritten rule) usually to save before someone hit Castle Age (on BF) or on demand on Arabia and open maps.

The fact that this hasn’t been implemented is bothering me quite a lot, especially on DE where a lot of players have technical issues, sudden crashes, and freezes (even Viper had one in the insane Feudal only 1 hour long on Atacama) - it affects everyone, it is very random, can happen from your average potato laptop to a high-end modern gaming PC - such feature would be a great quality of life change and is long overdue and something the devs have overlooked and not gave a statement about for ages.


Finally quite a nice post from, without the unnecessary flame. I agree this might be a good idea:) It wouldn’t hurt anyone, since if a single person disagrees with save and exit, it will not be used.

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And how will you solve this when it became a problem by abusing? I mean what if a player did the disconnection by himself and ask to “save and exit” because he doesn’t want to lose the ELO?

it needs to be selected by ALL players, being selected just by 1 player would mean that elo change would happen;)

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It is not a solution because it can still happen

it is the best solution we would have. anyone would have the option to turn it down.
certainly better than winning/losing elo due to crashes and connection drops.

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No. Let the peope lose the ELO for crashing and freezing better than this system, because how many time do you have a crash/drop every 100 games? 1? 2? 10? It is just not that common failure, and in the end this is the devs fault that the game had more freezing recently and “save & exit” is not a solution at all.

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Yes, to prevent abuse I would add a minimum of 5 Votes per Player - each vote must have a time interval between them (let’s say 2 minutes). What’s important is that there is a Chat in Save and Exit, so players could conclude why he resigned (e.g I lamed his boar and he resigned, I drushed him and killed 4 vills etc.). Keep in mind that this vote is unanimous, meaning that one player (sadly, should be 2 atleast, to make it fairer) can prevent a Save and Exit.

In 1v1 there could be an automatic pause the moment the game would currently assign a win to the other player, asking him if he’d like to Save and Exit. In 2v2, 2 votes against Save and Exit would also be enough

No matter how you’d implement this feature, it would still be useful. It has never been abused on Voobly (and if so, you could report player that spammed Save and Exit), and if so - you can always add countermeasures (time span between votes).

I dont think this game is unstable. I almost never notice crashes. What i do notice it toxic behaviour of players by just pressing Alt F4. That seems the main issue for most crashes / people that just disappear from the game. Adding the save and exit option wont solve this issue at all.

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What you said is just more wasting time and just chatter without any guarantee; voobly was a “meh” website and have a stone age system compared to DE system, but people didn’t have any choice except playing on voobly that time.

could work if additionally to safeing and exiting, it automatically continues to reload the players in to the lobby and boots

What you suggested is an amazing solution, don’t listen to those who say “It is not solution”.

But he specifically talks about save and exit for disconnects in mid of feudal/castle age. Not about matchmaking where people just alt f4. That’s a separate problem.

nvm I misunderstood post – good suggestion actually

I forgot to mention that, with Nomad being in the current mappool, the typical TC wars - where usually one player loses making the game unfun and it turns into a 3v4 can be prevented by Save and Exit (as on Voobly TC War always meant Save and Exit)

Wouldn’t want this in ranked as it has the potential to be spammed for abuse and to prevent losing elo when the game is over, this happened to me on HD all the time.