10 Reasons AoE2:DE is so bad

Which is not that dificult to get. Basically everyone gets huskarls when playing as goths. It is literally one of their biggest advantages. And as you just stated. They CAN be created from the barracks. The goths ONLY need 1 castle, then an upgrade, and you can just build barracks. :smiley:

note - Anachy only costs 450 food, 250 gold, and research time is 40 seconds. Then you can build from the baracks. Which simply means you can switch from whatever units you would have been previously creating, to then making huskarls. Also, almost every player would probably have a castle up around 15-20 minutes into the game. It is not difficult to get your first castle up. :smiley:

Huskarls literally lose to almost every Melee unit in the game, and are less cost-effective against Archers, than FU Elite Skirmishers, despite having a big Elite upgrade cost.

Unless you happen to be the civ with no stone wall AND no eco bonus.

Correct. Yet, does anyone even use stone walls anymore? Most basically use buildings for walls? :smiley:

Do you mean a civ with no extra starting resources, or a civ which has a collection rate percentage increase? :smiley:

This topic is a 5 months mayor issue with zero-staff reply

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They fixed the team matchmaking on the most recent server update.

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Where is everyone reading this from? Or is it speculation?

Here: Matchmaking is absolutely horrible currently

Should have fixed it months ago. At this rate it will be 20 years before every issue, bug and missing feature is resolved.

Reason #13: Only n00bs play AoE2 DE.


Yeah I agree. Everytime they actually solve a problem let’s get more pissed and more hopeless.


-This thread’s OP is outdated and has many false statements. Surprised its still kicking! Would love to see it condensed to real points to be honest.


Yeah a lot of the issues I had back when this came out have been fixed or reduced

DE is really good, just look at the player numbers and turnaments. People who hate it are like wow “vanila” players (they got what they whanted and now arent playing it haha) “Bruh vanila is best” :smiley:
Bugs are there cous its a OLD game and its hard to update every month but they are at least trying
Most people like games being evolved and like the new stuff. nobody forced you to buy it or play so if you dont like go play the version of the game u like


only 4 are added and they said they won’t add any civ.

Only 4 civs are added. If you managed to remember 31 bonuses, you will remember 35.

This is also a false statement.

You need to know Italians, Malay and Vikings are strong on water and some of these suck on lands.

Crashes are heavily reduced.

No, you still need Champions too. Since they never use archers against huskarl and use cav. So you will need either Halbs or Champions too.

No, it will be a month or a hotfix on game-breaking bugs.

Same here, they even fixed some of the less important but known ones like the blue color for all unit icons.

The funny thing is, User Patch is still getting updates. So if anyone doesn’t like DE, go play user patch.

But personally I’d like DE to add the UP features too.


Your Answers to different statements are not exactly accurate. Especially when at least some of your answers slightly ignore the context of the message from which you have quoted from. Not completely ignore, but slightly ignore. Perhaps a moisunderstand on the actual point of some comments being made?

My previous message in particular was not suggesting (from what i can remember when i post it ages ago), that the only useful units for goths are huskarls or that goths should “only” create huskarls, it was simply to illustrate the point, that huskarls are the “main” unit of the goths due to the way in which the goths civ works. :smiley:

The thing is, if you mass huskarls only, you will get reckt by melee units. No matter how hard you try.

So, if someone does it, it will be their disadvantage…

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This had me ROFLOL.

Nope, not only 5 civs. 8/35!!! :rofl: :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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Lol. Perhaps i was not explaining to an exacting standard. The thing is. approximately 70%-80% of your infantry will be huskarls. That is what i meant when i. said “main”. :smiley:

If this is the case, then the other player need only make Hussars or even Castle Age Knights, and he will beat the 70% Huskarl army very cost-efficiently.

Huskarls are terrible against most Melee units, even Persian Longswords are a giood counter to Huskarl spam.