10 Reasons AoE2:DE is so bad

The thing is, if you mass huskarls only, you will get reckt by melee units. No matter how hard you try.

So, if someone does it, it will be their disadvantage…

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This had me ROFLOL.

Nope, not only 5 civs. 8/35!!! :rofl: :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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Lol. Perhaps i was not explaining to an exacting standard. The thing is. approximately 70%-80% of your infantry will be huskarls. That is what i meant when i. said “main”. :smiley:

If this is the case, then the other player need only make Hussars or even Castle Age Knights, and he will beat the 70% Huskarl army very cost-efficiently.

Huskarls are terrible against most Melee units, even Persian Longswords are a giood counter to Huskarl spam.

Which can be countered by the other 20%-30%. :smiley:

If this was true goths would be a top tier civ

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Not exactly. I ma just saying that goths have the ability to mass huskarls as their main force with ease. Used in the right situation, you could, in fact, overwhelm your opponent with jsut greater numbers. :smiley:

An entirely viable strategy, as long as your opponent falls asleep, takes a bath, or goes on vacation in the middle of the game.
Generic swordsmen of any civ are cheaper than Huskarls, even with the Goth discount, and beat Huskarls pop and cost effectively (except Persian longswords vs. Elite Huskarl), not to mention the many civs with uber-infantry that absolutely crush Huskarls.


Yeah the right situation being making it to post imp with an intact eco and enough gold to flood

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Exactly this. Goth infantry are not population efficient at all.


What you are describing sounds exactly like a power supply issue. The power draw from the 1080 is knocking your machine into black screens/reboots. Same thing happened on our end with one of our machines. Replaced the pwr supply, and it was game on.

Yes, changing the power supply fixed it for me. I was getting the same black screen graphic bug as everyone else before changing power supply - now I’m not. From what I can tell a lot of people who have the problem are using laptops, so my solution probably not available to them.

If this is complain thread I have a one. Unranked lobby browser and lobby system is not working properly, disaster for quite a long now. :no_mouth:

“Microsoft wanted to move development work on those games elsewhere” = moving from AoE1 to those games that are AoE2, AoE3 and AoE4 (I guess)


Not the point.

I meant, each civ is useful in a situation. One sucks on Water, shines on land, one is the opposite.

The complaints here are mostly outdated.

No need to guess man, that is the case…

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Not entirely.

There should be a ranked lobby, but that is a different story.


My previous answer disappeared lmao

Yeah, seems weird.

Maybe a mod deleted them?

I would have recieved a message if it was the case. So I guess it’s just a bug

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My new one did as well. Perhaps the mods don’t like the thread. 11

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