100% free list and in-game poll

  1. 100% free list

New map pool is better than before.
But still some of people dont want to play some maps they dont wanna play.
When we go to single play menu, we can view full map list.

If we can use them for multiplay and ban unlimitly, all of users are satisfied.
devs concern about people only use arabia or 1 map
but I think majority of users wanna play more than 6 map (But different each individual case)
or allocate more than 9 choice of full list

What i’m saying is that don’t conclude basic map. just use full list and then let people choose.

  1. in-game poll

If first suggestion is not improved(cuz It should be in-game choice)
devs give us some of map list they made,
In that case, please make in-game poll not this webpage
Very few of people use this one

Thanks for reading!