1000 pop setting or even higher?

I often used this for many diplo games in the HD version. There’s a hidden trigger that allows you raise population beyond normal, but the only way to do that is by using trigger studio.

But 1000 pop is laggy you may ask? Here’s some tips how to lower lag, remove all life on the map, save few some fish in a scenario. Use Diplofish mod, so each fish has 1 billion food storage, therefore no need to stack fish. Even better modify outposts into monuments and feitorias (without taking pop, or instead giving pop) to give resources and you need to capture them. So you don’t need those laggy villagers ruining your fun.

If not, we may need to find the hidden trigger using something like trigger studio again like many others do for HD. I myself have modded outposts into monuments and feitorias. And made the diplofish mod.

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That would be crazy. Have you played Cossacks 3? Sometimes its a cluster like that.

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I ask, why would you need 1000 pop? Isn’t 500 enough?

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500 too small for some of the games I played.

Please no, this can be a total mess, I want more AoE like not a lifeless escenario.

Please immersion first.

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too small? Holly ■■■■ man… What could you possibly be playing?

Someone with a sense of logic, finally!

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You still have the base game… and don’t have to play the scenario… or any scenario for that matter. Your objection is a bit of an overreaction.

I personally found 1000 pop games great fun, over massive armies clashing. Not small skirmishes of tiny armies.

too small? Holly ■■■■ man… What could you possibly be playing?

A map like this. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1839002687

Good fun, outside the box game. Reminds me of the Total War series.

I’m sure you will enjoy it with 500. 1000 is a bit too much.

I know I am a minority opinion here, but I like massive battles.

On the scale of this. If there was no lag, I would have armies this large. From The Lord of the Rings at The Battle of Minas Tirith. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HX4KKkSKZAY

But that massive battle will cause the game to crash.

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I’d be fine with unlimited population but the lag got too much for me even at 500. I like the real world maps that are Ludakris size but even only playing with 1 of my friends and 6 AI the game eventually lagged to a point we couldn’t play. Had to keep the pop limit at 250-300 to be certain the game wouldn’t lag out. Hopefully the improved pathing and AI in AOE 2 DE will make higher populations possible. You have some good suggestions for reducing the units on the map

They did. It’s stated. And it won’t be AOE DE. The path-finding in the OG game was bad too.

You will get a lag at a population of 1000. Imagine 8 players playing a game with 1000 pop.
You will have 8000 units there. You will need a super computer to handle that much, even it’s a 20 year old engine. Look at how Brutal Doom (for a game that is also 20 year old and the engine is basically the same) will crash on very high deaths. I tried it on high-performance PCs.

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You always get lag as you exponentially increase map size or units. Still it is nice that they have made this configurable. When I know what the system and players can handle I play with higher pop limits. 1vs1 1000 population would work fine with the current engine. I play a lot of custom maps with higher population because it is fun

Not for all systems…

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More powerful settings for more powerful systems

Very nice. I always hated AOE3’s fixed unit limit. It was way more annoying in AOE3 considering that unit pop ■■■■…

Nasa system? Becsuse even with 200 cap limit this will be laggy.


That’s right. You will get a lag on that high count.

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I have a quad core 32gb ram 2gb video… and it’s 4 years old. I’d make a new PC to running higher populations