👴 15+ year-old game, but still stuck with lame ranked maps.

Week after week, we end up playing the same set of maps, regardless of how many fraudulent votes they receive. The map rotation for ranked team matches is stale and repetitive, featuring only Arabia, Arena, Arena v2, and Arena v3 and Nomad.

It’s disheartening to see such a limited pool of maps in competitive play, and I truly hope for a more diverse and engaging selection in the future. The current map pool is nothing more than a pile of garbage.

p.s. - cross-posted here if you don’t want to log into xbox to comment


The voting is a democracy. You don’t always win. Even the non-ranked players get to vote.

If you want to play non-standard games don’t play ranked, simple as. There you can play Middle Earth Diplomacy, 10 shared civs mod, CBA, and other non-standard games.


You realize that those maps are the most popular with the community right? Arabia and Arena will always appear in the map pool. This is guaranteed, as they are by far the most popular.


If you go to AoE Stats, you might notice how Arabia and Arena are the most played maps.


Or just accept the fact you are the 0.01% minority.


There are seemingly 100s of maps available in Skirmish mode, so we should be able to implement this effectively. What do you think?

I have an idea, hear me out.

What if we ensure that the two non-democratically selected maps (dev picks) are always in rotation and prohibit any maps that were selected in the previous pool from appearing in the next one?

2 guaranteed “dev picks” :joy:

I had no idea, that seems odd. It’s surprising to me that in a game that’s been around for a decade, there aren’t better options available.

Makes sense if those are the “dev picks”. Thanks for the website share, nice!


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So, basically, you’re part of the reason why so many awful funky maps are in the map rotation? Map pool was so much better when voting was on the forum. Too many low ELO players, TG only players and campaign players voting on the 1v1 ranked maps. If you seriously don’t like any of the top 4x maps, do you even like this game? Just ban Arabia, Arena & Nomad and favourite MegaRandom; you should get it at least 50% of games.

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Even without dev picks, they end up as most played, along with Black Forest and Nomad. These are the most popular maps since the Voobly days.

I wish they added some famous tournement maps once in a while. There are many big tournaments but the plebs never get a chance to play these maps in ranked. Just add just one at a time as dev pick. After one or two times, add it to the voting.

This way we will get new maps once in while. So you wont spam the map pool with all new maps all the time.
And it makes the tournaments more engaging to watch.


No. or, Okay. Whatever bro, I don’t care. Do you even lift? :muscle:

I was just watching a team 3v3 and the one map was in the shape of a pizza pie peace symbol!!

… so cool …



I agree.

At the very least, swap the number the devs get to 3 and the number players get to 6. I think this would fix the problem, or atleast be more fair.

3 Dev Picks: Arabia, Arena, Nomad…
This is one type for every kind of player, and means less bans we have to use on dev picks.

I would love more tournament maps too! It will bring us closer to the competitive aspect of the game and grow our love for this game. <3


Well, they did add KOTD4 map to the pool didnt they 1111

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