16 bugs and missing hotkeys I found today. Help me solve them

Hi everyone! I spent quite a while today remapping my hotkeys and while doing so, I found many hotkeys which are still missing. Help me spread the word so that this gets to the rigth eyes and thus gets fixed:

-No remappable hotkey for “Herd to target” from Sheeps.

-No remappable hotkey for “Holy Inspiration” from Prelates.

-No remappable hotkey for “Arrow Volley” from English Longbowmen.

-No remappable hotkey for “Setup Camp” from English Longbowmen.

-No remappable hotkey for “Unload Garrison” from Transport Ship.

-No remappable hotkey for “Unload Garrison” from Siege Tower.

-No remappable hotkey for building a “Scout” in Hunting Cabins

-No remappable hotkey for the auto lock/unlock of gates, including all it’s types: palisades, stones and Great Wall landmark.

-No remappable hotkey for “Imperial Spies” from Imperial Palace.

-No remappable hotkeys for secondary menus from military units, including units with the ability to build siege, buildings, and also Lodya ships whose menu changes their type.

Some of the missing hotkeys like the sheep one you could think that are not that important. And you’re right, but the issue is that it messes up with your other assigned hotkeys. For example, I have “Cycle through Town Centers” on “Q” and thus, when I have a sheep selected, I can’t cycle to my Town Centers without first deselecting the sheep.

-BUG: As HRE, my “Ctrl+Z” which I have mapped to cycle monasteries also cycles Keeps and Docks.

-BUG: Unallocated hotkeys show previous hotkey on ingame UI, which forced me to change every “Empty” hotkey to “.” in order to avoid wrong letters confusing me by reading them in the UI.

-BUG: Grouped military units from different “categories” (like Spearmen & Men-At-Arms) can’t access the secondary menu for building from the hotkey. You can if you select one subgroup or the other, but not if you’re in the “All” group.

-BUG: Despite having disabled the “one click” toggle for auto-garrisoning, garrisoning in a Siege Tower still works like that.

-“Visual” bug: Trying to build a 5th Imperial Officer asks you to build more houses, which is not the reason you can’t build it if you are already at 4/4 IO and have enough house space.

-BUG: When creating a custom skirmish game as the Chinese in the IV age, you can’t build landmarks and thus can’t get your different dynasties.

Let me know if I got any of these wrong or if you found some other missing hotkey or bug that I missed!

PS: Here are also some requests that I thought while doing all of this

-Request: Having the mapped hotkeys scroll from side to side on it’s menu, as long combinations become unreadable, specially in languages like Spanish whose “Shift” is called “Mayúsculas” and occupies the whole hotkey rectangle. There’s no way to see what hotkeys you have already asigned in these cases.

-Request: Having a consistent UI placement for the Scout which is sometimes moved to a side in civilizations with access to other units in stable like Camels, Fire Lancers and Elephants. Visual annoyance that can mess up your association of the unit with a certain hotkey, even more for Grid Hotkeys users.

-Request: Having a hotkey for selecting military units in the radius you’re seeing on screen.

-Request: One of those “AoEII” mechanics that I think many would agree would be great is having just ONE button to access every building instead of having them separated per age. Or we could have a toggable option for this like many other QoL that have been added over time.

-Request: Holding certain hotkey to drag-select only military units, and another for economic units. AoEII has CTRL for military and ALT for economic.

-Request: Not that related to the rest of the thread, but here’s another “AoEII” one, to have “Stand Ground” to be permanent until you untoggle it, with the expected behaviour that your unit moves after a click but won’t leave it’s new place. I can’t find a good english wording for what I mean, but I hope you understand what I’m proposing, otherwise let me know.

Cheers, let’s make AoE IV even better than what it’s shaping to be :slight_smile:

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Good finds.

I have been requesting this for a while. I’ve reported the bug with their “Smart select” option (it does nothing), there’s a ticket for it, hopefully they go further than just fixing smart select.

Agreed. “Stances” may be the word you are looking for. AoE2 has several stances: Aggressive, Defensive, Stand Ground, and No Attack. I think these would be great to have in AoE4, or at least have No Attack and Stand Ground, or at the very least make Stand Ground behave as you describe.

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Thank you @tupaquinho!

In the future if you could create separate threads for bugs/requests it would be super helpful. You don’t have to be super granular; one thread for hotkeys, one thread for bugs, one thread for whatever else is great. It just is easier on my brain to keep track. To be honest I’ve been ignoring this one for 6 days because I haven’t had time to take it all in. But it’s all captured now—some of these we are already aware of and/or working on. Some are new. Either way, I really appreciate the attention to detail here!